Anitta Brings the Heat This Winter with Her New Single and Video, “Loco”

The Brazilian star has really been on a roll

Frigid, isn’t it? The outside world, probably covered in snow. And you, warmed up at home in a jacket and a blanket, figuring out how to use a “winter day” to call in at work. And if you’re living in a climate where it’s not as cold, well…we’ll try not to be jealous. But you might be able to relate to Anitta’s new single, “Loco,” and all the sizzle it brings.

Starting off 2021 strong, Anitta’s newest bop features her vocals bouncing off a reggaeton beat that refuses to quit. It’s a strong contender for a summer staple, and we’re still a good few months away before polls even open. The Middle Eastern influences in the production pair well with the latin flair and make for a song that’s suitably sexy and as crazy as the name says it is.

The song came with a music video that’s…probably just as crazy. The Brazilian singer grabs a group of her friends and takes off to what presumably looks like one of the coldest places on the planet right now, pristine white snow-covered mountains. And they’re all in bikinis, and they’re twerking, and dancing, nary a care (for frostbite) in the world. If nothing, it should serve as a good way to warm up the mood.

Anitta’s had a strong 2020, accruing two nominations at the Premio Lo Nuestro Awards (slated for next month) and delivering a hit in last year’s “Me Gusta” with Cardi B and Myke Towers. Listen to Anitta’s newest single, “Loco” below.

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