Premiere: Annahstasia Enuke's “Summer Madness” is a Soulful Dream

Premiere: Annahstasia Enuke's “Summer Madness” is a Soulful Dream

The songstress releases the new video for the debut single off of her forthcoming album, 'Sacred Bull'.

The songstress releases the new video for the debut single off of her forthcoming album, 'Sacred Bull'.

Text: Chloe Laguette

Annahstasia Enuke is a 23-year-old queer Nigerian-American singer-songwriter and visual artist, based in LA. She performs powerful vocals similar to Amy Winehouse and Adele but delivers with a smooth, sultry, Sade-esque feel. Coming from a mixed heritage, Enuke's artistry focuses on the themes of home, identity, nature, and femininity. She began singing at the age of fourteen, started writing music at sixteen and started exploring the industry at eighteen. Annahstasia’s lyrics and melodies have adapted a classic feel, shaped from her early love of folk, rock, and soul.

Having just released her newest single, "Summer Madness" accompanied by a video directed by Ganna Bogdan, Enuke says, "When I think about summer I think about the sight bending heat, the mirage at the other end of the beach and the sun licking your neck as it scorches your skin. Ganna and I wanted to create something that felt hallucinogenic and feverish for this visual."

Embracing a DIY approach by shooting on a Super 8 and an iPhone., the video production is sleekly minimal like manipulating fabric around Enuke's body and amongst the various elements to create a whimsical yet sensual experience.

"The song is about losing your mind over someone as well as an homage to the Kool & The Gang song of the same name. We wanted to embody going a bit crazy to the point of delusion about the things lovers do and don’t do, and how drugged you feel when that love peaks inside of you," Enuke said. "The video doesn’t have a narrative structure and is a portrayal of an individual moment of madness."

The single is a part of her upcoming project, Sacred Bull, which is the first in a series of art and process-driven musical projects. These projects will serve as a public journal and open channel for events, conversations, collaborations, and moments. Sacred Bull presents a dialogue of a transitionary space, based on Enuke's experiences moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles, falling in and out of love, and the discovery of comfortable spaces to embrace her queerness. “Sacred Bull is a facet of myself, a mantra and reminder to treat myself like an idol and to have the ambition to become all that I am destined to be," she said. "The EP is an introduction to my ways of expression, its a preview of things to come and is my first EP to be publicly released.”

Watch the video for "Summer Madness" below:

Credits: Photo Credit: Ace Amir


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