ANOHNI Releases Her New EP, 'Paradise'

ANOHNI Releases Her New EP, 'Paradise'

The singer continues to affect listeners with her distinct vocals.

The singer continues to affect listeners with her distinct vocals.

Text: Truman Ports

English-born singer ANOHNI, previously the lead singer of Antony and the Johnsons, has shared her latest EP.  PARADISE comes as the companion piece to her 2016 political and personal debut album HOPELESSNESS. Both works are easily linked to one another by her collaborations with DJ and producers Hudson Mowhawke and Oneohtrix Point Never.

At 6-tracks long, PARADISE maintains ANOHNI's discernible and haunting, yet captivating, vocal styling, seamlessly transforming from track to track to match the drastically different tempos, tones, and unusual instrumentation.

The last track "She Doesn't Mourn Her Loss" is a chilling bookend to the EP. While the lyrics are heart breaking and somber, ANOHNI manages to evoke a sense of hope in the evident deep understanding of her work and words.

"We are wondering/ What is happening to the world/ Everything has change/ Changing each day/ You woke up in the morning/ And wondered/ Is it going to get better or getting worse?" ANOHNI seemingly begs listeners to think about.

While ANOHNI has long been a well-known name with fervent music lovers, it seems she is finally breaking into a broader audience. Earlier this year, she was nominated for a BRIT Award, as well as made history last year as one of the first transgender women to be nominated for an Academy Award for her song "Manta Ray." Unfortunately, ANOHNI wasn't asked to perform at the ceremony, so in protest, she decided not to attend.

Recently, on Twitter, ANOHNI announced that there is a seventh track on the EP, which is available only by [email protected] While the track is monetarily free, it comes with a price. To have the track emailed back to you, your message must have "a sentence or two [of] what you care most about, or your hopes for the future." In a particularly punching line, ANOHNI says, "That may be too expensive for some of you, and that's okay."

PARADISE is now available on streaming services. Listen and watch the video for the lead single "Paradise" below.


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