Anthony Vaccarello is Sharing His Art with Helmut Lang

And the rest of us, too.

Saint Laurent’s Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello is expanding on his art portfolio and enlisting the help of fellow designer and artist Helmut Lang, and surprisingly, it’s not a fashion collection.

Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent Rive Droite is a creative curation space to share artist pieces and experiences and expand on Saint Laurent’s creative repertoire. As part of this project, Vaccarello plans to give some of his creations to Helmut Lang as raw materials that he can turn into sculptures. Talk about an artistic collaboration!

Lang’s own career in fashion and stylistic elements have influenced Vaccarello through the years, his minimalistic and modern approach a source of admiration, as it is for us all. Lang decided to follow a more artistic route, rather than staying within fashion, and his work turning discarded items and various materials into works of art make him an impressive choice in this new project.

Vaccarello is starting an artistic dialogue, keeping in mind sustainability and the changing fashion industry, along with Lang in this joint venture. From prototypes to unfinished clothes and accessories, Vaccarello’s past works have been transformed by Helmut Lang into non-fashion related sculptures, though they still lead us to important questions on the wastefulness of the industry. These molded art works express various textures and convert different meanings from each artist.

The art is open to interpretation as well, but leads us to wonder what exactly happens to all those clothes that don’t make it to the runway or the retailer. The fashion industry is a major pollutant, runoff dyes and excess, not to mention wasted, clothing and accessories ultimately serving a negative impact on our environment. With a creative collaboration like this, unfinished clothes have been repurposed, upcycled in the name of art. If only all of the fashion industry’s “waste” was used for different purposes and not instantly discarded, it would have a much better impact on the environment.

We hope these sculptures inspire other fashion designers and artists alike to collaborate for the greater good and produce some cool artworks out of it.

You can find them resting at Saint Laurent Rive Droite before they’re available for purchase.


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