Anyone Can Feel At Home in Batsheva’s 2022 Spring Collection

Especially if you have a sweet-tooth for pink.

Batsheva revealed her Spring 2022 collection in an Alice and Wonderland Tea Party-esque restaurant on Sept. 10. And what’s on the menu? Sizzling ‘60s nostalgia, ripe orange beehive hair, avalanches of ruffles, and a sugar-rush amount of pink. 

Photo courtesy of the designer
Courtesy of the designer

A feathery ballad fit for a slow dance with a debutant starts the show. Batsheva keeps close her signature milkmaid retro-housewife designs, and immediately the pink came out swinging. Puff-pastry shoulders. Himalayan-salt bows knotted on waists. The lipstick-red of dusk gowns shimmie through the isles. Dip-dyed easter egg tights saunter beneath a western skirt. These dresses are on a diet of strictly Rosé and confetti cake. 

Courtesy of the designer

The music shifts to a sludgy electric guitar, followed by a sinister june-bug green cloak. Batsheva utilizes pungent greens to balance the dainty pastels of the collection. A shamrock trim accents collars  and cuffs. Margarita-green boots skip from under a black spotted negligee. 

Courtesy of the designer

For the final course, Batsheva serves blooming debutante gown cuts against metallic cyber-kid textures. There were sonic silver ballooning blouses, pvc pleated skirts, ruched static gold. Why choose one when you can have them both? Once again, Batsheva succeeds in using classic emblems of femininity as a launching pad for the modern cosmopolitan dress. And who are the models beneath these designs? A bouquet of different ages, gender, and ethnicities. Proving that anyone can feel at home in a Batsheva dress.

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