Apparis’ Winter Wonderland is Bright and Full of Color

Eye-catching new collection promises a “Bold Escape” from the incoming winter months

As the summer heat begins to fade and a familiar winter chill sets in, it’s tempting to lose yourself to the cold, swayed by a darkening sky to coop up indoors where the elements’ threats are far out of reach. But what if the icy months didn’t have to be so callous? Vegan lifestyle brand Apparis has undoubtedly pondered this question, and in turn has created their own: Why can’t winter be a celebration of every creative innovation we’ve designed to keep us warm? A time where visual self-expression meets practicality, and striking color meets the wind and snow?

This Fall Winter season, Apparis introduces “Bold Escape”, a collection of high-quality knitwear, coats, and faux-fur accessories to bring some color to the grey and white skies so steadily approaching. Vibrant prints, jewel tones, and varied textures cover both new and signature silhouettes of the sustainable brand, thoroughly delivering the collection title’s promise.

Priding themselves in environmentally conscious Alt-silk, Re-knit, and recycled hardware, Apparis ensures that their designs do more than please the eye. In “Bold Escape”, buyers can look forward to unisex styles in oversized shapes and ethical fabrics not seen before in the brand’s history.

On August 18, the first drop of “Bold Escape” will be available to shop online. The collection brings with it a newly expanded offering of Mens, Kids, and Pet selections to come this fall.

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