Apple Adds Coronavirus Questionnaire to Siri

The tech giant is putting its best foot forward in the fight against COVID-19.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread far and wide across the globe, worldwide anxieties and fears are raising at an increasing rate. As people are being urged to self-isolate and social distance, Apple integrated a new feature into its Siri function so that people can ask questions about their individual symptoms and the spread of COVID-19.

The questionnaire was developed alongside the Center for Disease Control and the United States Public Health Service in order to ensure that the virtual assistant provides the most sophisticated responses to users around the world. The feature helps identify certain symptoms and directs users to appropriate personnel in the case that further action is needed.

The new feature comes after Apple donated millions of masks to hospitals and healthcare facilities in the US and Europe. “Our teams at Apple have been working to help source supplies for healthcare providers fighting COVID-19,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook, adding,  “We’re donating millions of masks for health professionals in the US and Europe. To every one of the heroes on the front lines, we thank you.”

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