Arca Previews New Album With A Chilling Single “Nonbinary”

The experimental artist is back with another stunning track.

Following the dystopian storyline from the hour-long single, @@@@@,” Arca is finally back with a preview of her long awaited album, KICK i. The experimental producer, artist, and model released her first single off of the new album, that serves as a manifesto for her world philosophy set in the same unsettling future from her last video. 

After a three year break from producing her own music—not to say the artist has not been busy because she’s been working nonstop on other projects like hosting a club night for Frank Ocean—Arca gives fans a taste of the new album with the first single, “Nonbinary.” Arca explains to Paper Magazine that being nonbinary is more than gender identity, it’s a philosophy. “It gives me the feeling of possibility, to not allow for easy categorization. I wouldn’t want to just go pop and I wouldn’t want to go full experimentalist,” she further explains. “That’s where a nonbinary mode of thinking feels really fertile. It opens possibilities rather than collapsing things. Allowing for change without resisting it.”

The single is paired with visuals produced by Frederik Heyman, who also produced the hour-long video for @@@@@.” Set in the same dystopia, Arca lays out pregnant while being prodded by robotic scientists as her chilling lyrics appear on the bottom of the screen. “Who do you think I am? / It’s not who do you think you’re dealing with, no / Cuz you’re not ‘dealing with’ / There’s no deal,” Arca recites. Featuring heavy bass, the track takes listeners on a dark futuristic voyage. 

The video ends with a dramatic argument between Arca and her other self. “I want to be seen as an ecosystem of minor self-states without being stripped of the dignity of being a whole,” she explains. The insane visuals are a must see. Watch the entire video below.

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