Ariana Grande is Headlining Fortnite’s Rift Tour

Ariana Grande goes digital.

Ariana Grande is headlining Fortnite’s virtual “Rift Tour,” this Friday, August 6th until Sunday, August 8th. Coined “a musical journey into magical new realities where Fortnite and Ariana Grande collide,” this in-game experience offers music and a fully-fledged interactive fan opportunity.


Hosted in game, this is not the first virtual concert Fortnite has hosted. With former performers such as Travis Scott, J Balvin, Diplo and others hosting in-game performances, it’s now Ariana’s time to (virtually) shine. 


Instead of a typical audience and stage-type atmosphere, Fortnite has been known to do in the past an interactive type of concert, where the artist performs and your character is able to run around and interact with the different experiences and effects offered within the “venue.” 


An exclusive Ariana Grande outfit and accessories will also be available to players. Outfits vary from an all-white sparkle set with her iconic pony-tail in a lavender hue, to a special crystalised dress bringing the magic of the game to life. 


Fortnite is free on various gaming consoles and no RSVPs are needed for the Rift Tour. It is recommended attendees load up the game 60 minutes prior to start-time to avoid any connection issues and game updates, as the shows are known to overwhelm servers and oftentimes reach capacity. 


Worried you’ll miss it? Have no fear, continuous shows throughout the weekend will air due to different time zones and possible connection disruptions. Happy playing and happy watching!

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