Ariana Plays Vengeful Cupid in boyfriend Music Video

It’s a good day when Ariana Grande drops a new music video.

Ariana Grande cuts straight to the chase in her latest single, “boyfriend.” In the opening lyric, the 26-year-old powerhouse calls herself a “motherf*cking train wreck.” It seems the Millennial/Gen Z fad of keeping an open relationship isn’t as easy as it seems, even for the group’s number one role model.

The song is a collaboration with the hip-hop duo Social House, who is currently accompanying Ari on her massive 103-date Sweetener World Tour. The video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because she also directed the legendary “thank u, next” and lavish “7 rings” music videos.

The music video for “boyfriend” is equally massive. Ariana and Mikey Foster play a smitten yet aloof couple who can’t seem to get a grip on the status of their relationship. Scootie Anderson plays the pair’s friend and self-appointed therapist. A romantic, Renaissance-inspired mansion sets the scene of a happening party, attended by what’s probably the world’s most fashionable entourage. Ariana and Mikey chase each other around the party, flirting with other people (victims), taunting one another, inciting jealousy and stirring mad, undeniable lust.

The mere sight of Ari’s boy toy with another girl sends her into a violent rage, taking a running start before tackling the “other chick” to the floor, acrylic nails scratching and hair flying—or so she imagines. Ariana dashes away, startled and still upset. Later, the pop princess channels her inner vengeful cupid, whipping out her bow and arrow and spearing another girl’s hand to the door after she got a little too close to Mikey.

The video isn’t all crazy-girlfriend, though. One roundhouse kick later, Mikey also dreams about acting on his incessant jealousy. It seems the group also took inspiration from The Vampire Diaries. In a very Damon Salvatore move, Mikey rips the heart straight out of the chest of Ari’s male pursuer. A weird moment follows in which neon pink hearts are shot out of Ariana’s breasts.

The video is ridiculous, over the top, comedic, but all too real at the same time. While DTR may have been the move a decade ago, “boyfriend” is an anthem for the new era of dating in which undefined relationships, friends with benefits, mixed feelings and complicated emotions are in vogue.

Many fans have begun comparing the new single with “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored,” and, while both have similar themes, their messages couldn’t be more different. “buwygib” encourages the messy definition of modern-day relationships, while “boyfriend” wishes for a more defined, less complicated type of relationship. As for which tune Ariana prefers, the singer tweeted, “oh my god they’re so different but boyfriend.”

“boyfriend’ is just the latest in a string of projects for Grande. After releasing two albums within months of each other—Sweetener and thank u, next—the singer collaborated with Victoria Monét on “Monopoly.” She also just became the new face of Givenchy and is co-executive producing the soundtrack for the Charlie’s Angels reboot. She, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey even collaborated on a song for the film. This weekend, Ariana will be headlining Lollapalooza.

Nothing is stopping Ari these days and V is living for it. Watch the music video for her instant hit, “boyfriend,” below.

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