Arima Ederra Returns from Hiatus with Dream-Like Ballad “Portals”

Ethiopian songstress explores the trials and tribulations of love, heartbreak, and what comes after in new single “Portals”

L.A.-based artist, Arima Ederra, sits in her orange-colored bedroom, pondering the particular headache that reminded her of the beauty in humility. She started writing a song that was ultimately a message about longing to be longed for. From there, Ederra’s next single, “Portals,” was born. 

Imagery by Jamil Baldwin and Arima Ederra

Released today, “Portals” is the first offering from her long-awaited, forthcoming project, An Orange Colored Day. Ederra’s soft and velvety vocals are layered over sweet guitar strummings as she sings about how humility guided her through a portal back to herself after a heartache. “It’s about confronting why the absence of love seems to be the only time we realize we’re out of time to say how we earnestly feel,” the artist shares. Yearning for something that has already come and gone, Ederra confesses sincerely throughout the intricate track. 

Accompanying the ethereal ballad is a dually eerie music visual, co-directed by Ederra, which taps into the Ethiopian singer’s unconscious mind. Inspired by surrealism, magic realism, and the beauty of the subconscious mind, Ederra untangles the mystery of love, heartbreak, and what comes after. 

Returning from a brief hiatus, the single marks the songstress’ first release since 2018 while also signifying her rebirth. “Portals is just the beginning of a new era for Ederra and encapsulates the growth of her artistry chronicling contemplation of feelings and unraveling memories into a diary disguised as an LP. The project An Orange Colored Day is set to release this fall

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