Arizona Muse Is the Face of Stella McCartney’s Comeback Fragrance

Arizona Muse Is the Face of Stella McCartney’s Comeback Fragrance

Arizona Muse Is the Face of Stella McCartney’s Comeback Fragrance

The model talks to V about the importance of sustainability in fashion and the liberating fragrance campaign.

The model talks to V about the importance of sustainability in fashion and the liberating fragrance campaign.

Text: Stella Pak

Stella McCartney’s fragrance Peony is returning from hiding with a revamp. Notes of pepper and amber fused into the focal point of peony are delicate yet daring – embodying the essence of campaign model, Arizona Muse. The campaign was shot by Mary McCartney, who is known for her candid portraits of celebrated talents and capturing memorable moments of her subjects. We become voyeurs of Arizona Muse indulging in her own sensuality in the campaign.

A pioneer of sustainability in the fashion industry, Stella McCartney sourced her fragrance notes as she would her fabrics on the runway. “The masculine amber note in the scent is derived from an innovative, modern, and environmentally friendly substitute for ambergris, a highly valuable animal product produced by the sperm whale," she describes the fragrance. "The raw material of Patchouli, is responsibly sourced by local farming projects in Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, ensuring greater revenues for the farmers and a more conscious product for the end consumer.” 

We sat down with Arizona Muse and chatted through what it was like to collaborate with like-minded power women and how we can all approach sustainability with the small decisions we make everyday.

What was it like collaborating with Stella and how has your relationship with her evolved since the beginning of your career?

My friendship with Stella has evolved quite a lot because I’ve lived in London for five years now, I see Stella quite a bit more than I see American designers. She stays in the same spot and I tend to move around. It’s amazing working with her. Everything her brand does for sustainability, the environment, animal welfare and human welfare, I’m so proud of her. I’m blown away. She’s been the pioneering luxury brand to take the responsibility in her own hands and say I’m going to do it and not wait for regulations to come in 10 years. She didn’t wait around, which is so cool.  

She’s been going fur-free since the launch of her brand.

Yes. She’s never worked with animal products. She’s amazing, her ethics. She’s so much fun. And her sister (Mary McCartney), who shot this campaign, is equally as fun. They are a wonderful family.

What was it like shooting the campaign with her Mary McCartney? It’s quite sexy and sensual. You’re in your own zone.

Exactly. You described it really well. We had such a great couple of days. It was really in our own zone. As you can see, I was unclothed the entire shoot. She asked me “Are you ok with this? We’re thinking of the concept being no clothes. No stylist. And I said, “Yeah!” In the end it was so liberating. I loved that aspect of it. So much freedom came from that.

Was this your first campaign with Mary?

Well, I’ve worked with her before for Harper’s Bazaar; we’ve done a couple things together. She also did an amazing private show and she put up a picture of me in there. She’s great.

You were mentioning before about the aspect of sustainability and how you admire Stella for that. What are some parallels that you have in your life when it comes to sustainability?

Everything I do now, I do with sustainability in mind. I spent a year and half researching this and getting in touch with the key people in London and understanding so much more about the way fashion wastes. I’m focusing on fashion because that’s my industry and that’s where I know people and I understand the industry and how it works. It’s so interesting to learn more and more and more. And the more you learn, the more you have to change. Because once you know, it’s difficult to do anymore. I don’t buy into fast fashion now. I just can’t do it. I don’t need it anymore. I walk in and I go, “No. I don’t need that.”

So you’re more conscious of your purchase decisions.

Yes. And I grew up in a very healthy household. I’ve always used completely natural household cleaning products and things. I’ve always understood the importance of toxicity and how we need to limit ourselves. Now the research I’ve done recently is less about me and more about the environment. I used to think I don’t want to use toxic products because I don’t want them on my skin. Now, I don’t want to use toxic products because that factory where this product was produced is toxifying rivers and oceans and having such a broader effect. It’s opened a bigger picture to me.

So the more informed you are, you can make better decisions.

Exactly. The more informed you are about fashion and waste. The solutions are so close to us too. That’s what’s so amazing. I don’t feel depressed. You can watch some footage on sustainability and go, “Why?” and get overwhelmed and not know what to do. But I don’t have that reaction to it. I think the solutions are really close by. And Stella is doing so much good and going in the right direction.

What are some do’s and don’ts’s that can inspire our readers in the right direction?

Do read. Do watch youtube. I watch a lot of youtube about this and this is where a lot of my information comes from. There’s a lot available. Once you start going into it, you kind of get a feeling of what’s truthful and not so truthful. You will make the right decision. Teaching your children if you have kids. Definitely raise them with awareness like turning off taps, turning off light switches. Also a big one is the light bulbs that we use. The LED bulbs. They use less energy but they are really bad for our eyes. 

I had no idea. I always end up getting energy saving ones.

I do agree. I do agree we should save on energy. I think there are other ways. We can use out lights less frequently. Obviously we should turn our lights off at night. Those ways of saving energy will do massive wonders rather than getting energy saving bulbs and leaving them on all the time. The LED bulbs are very blue. They’re not warm and they’re flickering. So all those things are really hard on our eyes and really hard on our brains. There’s a lot of information out there.

Tell me about the Peony woman and what about the fragrance really resonates with you?

I love the smell. It’s fresh and deep. I love it. It’s like a crisp garden. I love the packaging too. I think it smells like this color. If this coral could smell like something, it would smell like what’s inside this bottle.

(Peony by Stella McCartney will be available on as a one-day exclusive on Cyber Monday before it’s available January 2018)


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