Emporio Armani is “Building Dialogues” This Spring


This season, every brand is facing the question of how to show their clothes without an actual show. Emporio Armani has gone the route of creating an elaborate visual experience, a film titled “Building Dialogues.” The slogan: “NOTHING CAN STOP THE FUTURE. NOTHING CAN STOP US IF WE STAND TOGETHER.”

The video is a nearly eight minute adventure into a strange world with a neutral palette, just like the men’s and women’s spring collections it displays. Actors and dancers come into view, moving in orderly lines, faces lacking expression. Stars include Sita Abellan, Les Twins, Alice Pagani, and Germain Louvet.

Soon enough, their crisp, tranquil world is upended by the arrival of a luminous orb that brings color to their sky. The movements of the cast become more fluid, more frantic, their expertly tailored garments flowing behind them. The collection, a mixture of beiges and grey-blues, comes in a variety of cuts and textures. It mimics the stern architecture surrounding it.

On the “Building Dialogues” website, visitors are asked to turn their volume up and “join the experience.” Once they enter the site, they can view the short film, cast interviews, behind the scenes footage, and flip through the full collection lookbook. On Saturday, Armani will be releasing a full 40 minute film titled “Timeless Thoughts” that will give the spring collections a more traditional runway experience. At 9:15pm Milan time, the film will be available on Emporio Armani platforms and will stream on Italian TV station LA7.

View “Building Dialogues” for yourself below.

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