Armani Privé Pays Homage To The Brand’s Roots

Giorgio Armani celebrates his ties to Milan by debuting his collection at Palazzo Orsini for the first time.

Armani Privé’s Spring Summer couture collection is a tribute to Giorgio Armani’s artistic heritage. For the first time, Armani presents his collection at the heart of his atelier in Milan. The Palazzo Orsini’s decadent architecture and floor-to-ceiling windows make an elegant backdrop to the brand’s latest offering.

Impeccably tailored suits and slinky dresses in muted neutrals kick off the collection’s first segment, with a variety of scintillating fabrics to add movement. Classic operatics in the background add to the refined tone, and the models don velvet berets.

The music fades to a dreamy piano score as the pieces transition from structured suits and severe eveningwear to lush jewel-toned floral gowns and separates. Details like sheer skirts and lavish embroidery give each look dynamic texture.

An instrumental rendition of “No Diggity” kicks in as the collection’s tone shifts once again. The models saunter through the palazzo’s halls in bold fuschia and midnight blue garments, each look more opulent than the next.


A frenzied percussive violin track plays during the show’s next segment, with the pieces featuring ethereal silvers and sea greens. Delicate beading moves like water against tulle skirts.

The show changes its tune one last time, the violin sharpening as the models show off flower-encrusted gowns straight out of an Impressionist painting. A model races down the grand hallway in the final look — a royal blue full-skirted gown with a v-cut strapless neckline. In the last shot, Giorgio Armani seems to welcome her with outstretched arms, a testament to his passion for couture.

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