Artist Marie Tomanova Reveals Estnation Collab

Shop Tomanova’s first wearable collection out today.

Marie Tomanova is a multimedia artist hailing from the Czech Republic, and her photographs and videography deal with sentiments like displacement, identity, inclusivity, gender, sexuality, and memory. While her work has been featured both in VMAN and galleries around the world, Tomanova’s first monograph Young American has now found it’s way onto the garments of Japanese label Estnation.

With the collection released on Friday, head below for an exclusive look at what Estnation and Marie Tomanova created—though not without inspiration from Downtown NYC and her friends that dwell there—she filled in on all its details.

V Magazine Can you tell us why you decided to expand to wearable art?

Marie Tomanova I had never really thought about doing something like this but I had an exhibition at SO1 Gallery in Toyko and a book launch for Young American at T-Site Daikanyama Books last August, and so Young American as a book and images got a ton of attention. In fact, we sold the book out in Tokyo in a few hours–so much love there. I was approached by secret society, Tea Club Scheme Team to do something and it all clicked.

V What types of articles of clothing will you be selling?

MT Sweatshirts, Tees, Bandanas.

V What are the prices of each?

MT The prices range from about $25 for the bandanas, $80 for T-shirts to $250 for the hoodies. They are super nice with embroidery and my name, text, and signature all over them. So many great details and the tie-dye and the Czech flag, and of course my images—it all works. The items are sold exclusively at Estnation stores in Japan but online international shipping is definitely available. Let me just say, one time, two times, yellow is my favorite color. They did two very special limited edition yellow pieces—I am in love.

V Why did you choose the Young American Series as your first collection?

MT It really chose me. It just kind of happened that way, and I am so happy it did. I got to shoot some of my friends wearing clothes with their images on them and it was so fun to shoot the collection. I will actually put some of the images in my Berlin exhibition, which is opening late September. I was also super happy to work with Sam Centore who did the epic video of the collection and Isabel Palma who did the music for it (she is also in the video and the pics I did). So really what I am saying is that the collection initiated a lot of other great images and projects. It was so fun having Kate and Odie in a bathtub again, this time a little different (i.e. masks and distancing) but a special time for me. We had so much fun. And Zappa came up to NYC to shoot the shirts he is on and it was so much fun to be with people who I care about and love, especially since we have all been isolating so much. So for me, it is about bringing people together and joy. So special thank you to everybody who was involved in this project!

V Can you tell us a bit about the materials of the items? Is there a sustainability component?

MT It is all super high-quality cotton, and of course, cotton is wonderfully sustainable, generally. The craftspersonship is so good and there are photos, embroidery, tie-dye, and I plan on wearing my pieces forever.

V Will you be producing further collections in the future?

MT Working with everyone in Japan was so wonderful, as always, and I would be happy to do more things. I had so much fun, and it is really such different work that what I am used to, but it is also very rewarding. I love sharing my work, and seeing how it makes people happy. For me, connection is so important, connection to people, and this is really just another way of connecting and being together with people.

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