Artists to Watch in 2018

Artists to Watch in 2018

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Artists to Watch in 2018

These rising artists made their mark on 2017, but their stars are only bound to get bigger next year.

These rising artists made their mark on 2017, but their stars are only bound to get bigger next year.

Text: Jake Viswanath

Billie Eilish

15-year-old Billie Eilish has quickly emerged as the new it girl to watch, already making a big impression with her cutting-edge visuals and forward-thinking menacing pop like "Bellyache" and debut single "Ocean Eyes." And again, she's only 15. Who knows what she's capable of ten years from now?


Norwegian young powerhouse Sigrid is slowly turning into a pop prodigy right before our very eyes, crafting inventive and ever-catchy pop melodies with every track she makes, including her debut EP. If the bumping prowess of her most recent single "Strangers" is any indication, we're in for a freshman success story with her first album.


It doesn't take much to become utterly entranced by Yaeji. Her effortless mix of English and Korean lyrics, impressive flow and eye-opening lyrics, trap beats and electronic flourishes, not to mention her outsider it girl allure, make the artist-producer tough to resist. Get ready to be hypnotized all year long.

Astrid S

And Scandinavia delivers another one! Astrid S is one of the younger artists continuing the region's reputation for pristine pop, whether it's the Kylie-esque stuttering bounce of "Breathe" or the structure-defying hypnosis of "Bloodstream." The sleek creativity displayed thus far only shows promise for more perfect pop next year.


Lizzo is 100% that bitch, and if you didn't know that already, she's going to make that heard in 2018. After the rising success of her self-positive EP Coconut Oil, Lizzo is continuing to roll out new music and make sure that black women and everyone who can appreciate them feel empowered and included. In a turbulent climate like today, Lizzo's voice will be one to keep on reassuring in 2018.

Kim Petras

The next savior of pure unadulterated pop may be upon us. Kim Petras first made headlines as possibly the youngest transgender person in the world to undergo gender reassignment surgery, but now she lets her music do the talking — and what music that is. This year, she's kept snappy bubblegum and 80s vibes alive, even making a fan out of Paris Hilton and getting her to appear in her debut video for "I Don't Want It At All." But what we do want is more new music, bound to impact next year.


The Irish indie-pop singer-producer has already garnered a dazzling amount of attention, with his innovative electronic singles gaining fans out of Lorde, not to mention a devoted legion online. His first major headlining tour, behind his upcoming debut album vertigo, has already sold out shows before the record is even out. But if songs like "crash" are any indication, his moment arriving in 2018 seems like a safe bet.


No one made a more colorful debut this year than ALMA, who stormed onto the scene with neon green hair and a slew of bouncy singles that simply won't leave your head after the first listen. She let it be known that she was "Chasing Highs" this year, and in 2018, she may just reach them.


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