Arts & Crafts meet Luxury in Etro’s AW 2022 Collection

Abstract patterns and crochet crop tops in the Autumn/Winter 2022 collection mark a new, younger direction for Italian fashion brand Etro.

Braided belts, fringe, and crochet met fashion week at Etro’s Ready-to-Wear Autumn/Winter 2022 show. The retro-inspired, bohemian-chic collection from Creative Director Veronia Etro was brought to life on the runway, where 80s and 90s hits blared as models strutted in vibrant looks at Milan’s Conservatorio di Musica.  

A look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.

Etro is known bending the rules of fashion, with a Winter 2021 collection that was literally designed for staying at home (think quilted hoodies, leggings, bomber jackets, etc.) This year, Etro moved outside of the living room, taking inspiration from both the concrete jungle and the actual jungle to create a unique, playful collection that pays homage to the brands’ founding in Italy during the hippy ages of the 60s. 

Another look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.
Another look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.

The ETRO REMIX collection still has some elements of comfort that were seen last winter, mixed in with bohemian details like crushed velvet and knits, ensuring both maximum comfort and style. Much of the collection revolves around knit items, like crochet cut-out dresses and bras, and patchwork stitched bombers.  

Another look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.

“Everything invites to be caressed, to celebrate the hands that made it: weaving threads, hammering metals, knotting ropes; a new take on arts & crafts,” the brand said in a statement. The crafty elements of the collection continue beyond the knits, with some braided fringe and harlequin patch details.  

Another look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.

The collection stuck to a classic, earthy color palette with khaki, tan, and chocolate, but then ramped up the groove with silver, burgundy, blue, and retro patterns. Accessories took up a lot of space on the runway, with chunky 70s inspired belts leading the charge. The other major player on the runway was knee-high suede boots, made bohemian with a slight slouch and a hammered silver detailing on the heel. 

Another look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.

As per the collection’s name, the classic paisley pattern that first brought the brand success (at the beginning, Etro was solely a textile company) has been reconstructed, blown up into abstract sections, giving the pattern new meaning and ushering in a new era for Etro.

A paisley look from Etro’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show.

Other contemporary looks include bodysuits and crop tops, perhaps a calling card to a younger, more free-spirited audience.  

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