Ashnikko is Here to Shake Things Up

The singer and rapper talks about her songwriting techniques and why she hates country music.

Singer-songwriter and rapper, Ashnikko is the real deal. Born in North Carolina and spending years growing up in Estonia and Latvia, she’s made her way from one of the SoundCloud bunch to a viral sensation. Her 2019 single, Stupid, became a hit on TikTok and got the singer her first gold certification.

Since then, Ashnikko’s been trucking towards her debut mixtape, Demidevil, which will be out this October. She’s collaborated with Grimes and Yung Baby Tate, and now, she’s ready to take her colorfully fierce persona to the world. 

Top and pants LUIS DE JAVIER, shirt (worn under) GUESS, earrings SHAUN LEANE

V caught up with her about the women she grew up listening to, her goals for the coming year, and how she fared during the quarantine. Check out the interview below:

V What were some of your first musical influences?

ASHNIKKO M.I.A., Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Paramore, Björk, Joan Jett, and so many other women!

V What are some influences you discovered later in life?

A I’m from the [American] South, but didn’t delve into country music until later in life. I’d rejected it because it reminded me of home, which I’d also rejected…

Dress GUCCI, earrings and leather wrist cuff SHAUN LEANE, fishnet tights worn as top LA PERLA, boots and tights Ashnikko’s own

V Did you write any songs during quarantine?

A I didn’t write a damn thing. I felt extremely uninspired over quarantine. I think that’s okay though.

V Who are your closest musical collaborators?

A Slinger, Oscar Scheller, and my five personalities.

V Weirdest place you’ve ever had an idea for a song?

A I used to write lyrics on the back of receipts when I waited tables. I got fired for “lack of focus.”

Coat GUESS, top and skirt CHET LO, earrings SHAUN LEANE, tights, necklace, and jewelry Ashnikko’s own

V What’s been your proudest career moment to date?

A “Stupid” went gold! My EP, Hi, It’s Me, did too! I’m still in shock that I’m a full-time musician.

V How would you sum up this year in three words?

A Buy more vibrators!

V What are your hopes for next year?

A I wanna not be an anxious mess. I wanna tour the world. Accolades are cool and all, but I just wanna be happy.

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