Attico, The Italian Line Focused on Reviving Retro Appeal

Attico, The Italian Line Focused on Reviving Retro Appeal

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Attico, The Italian Line Focused on Reviving Retro Appeal

See how the Italian line aims to subvert the traditional dress codes for the modern woman.

See how the Italian line aims to subvert the traditional dress codes for the modern woman.

Text: Danielle Combs

Inspired by 1920s chinoiserie, antique kimonos, and 1940 silhouettes, Attico’s line boasts a slew of over-the-top pieces that look and feel as if you had spent hours hunting at a thrift store. The appeal of Attico—Italian for penthouse—is largely due to founders Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, who are keenly aware of the power street style holds, as evident in the trails of photographers who routinely snap them during each fashion week. While the designer duo possesses obvious similarities, the two couldn’t be more different when it comes to how they dress. Tordini, who is the oldest of the two, grounds her personal style with minimal tailored pieces, and Ambrosio tends to embrace more experimental and unpredictable ways of dressing.

The line, which was dreamt up in the backseat of a New York taxi, has a unified mission to subvert the traditional dress codes for the modern millennial. Since it’s launch, Attico has continued to grow and expand, as the designers have carved out a myriad of luxe robes, eclectic summer dresses, denim staples, and plush accessories for their thoroughly modern and fashion-enthused clientele. At the end of the day, the luxury line is steadily changing the way we perceive style and fashion with a glamorous twist.

In an interview with V, the design duo reveals their affinity for vintage designs, the muses that have shaped their design perspective and the future of the line.

How did the two of you meet? From there, how was Attico conceived?

We met a few years ago in Milan through friends we had in common and we created a bond from the very beginning. We found each other talking about potential creative projects many times in the past until we thought it was the right moment to start an important one. We were in New York in September 2015 when we had the idea. We both felt ready to express our own voice. We wanted a challenge of combining two different styles and make it become a new one, creating timeless dresses we would love to wear and keep in our closets forever, but more over, we wanted to tell a story about women made by women. Attico came out in a very instinctive way.

How did you decide to name your line Attico? What is the meaning behind it?

Attico, the Italian name for penthouse, is a place, or for us a way of living. We looked for a strong name that could express more concepts in one word. Attico is like a box where things happen, where our women live and flaunt our robes.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing a collection?

The inspiration comes from the world of interior and vintage furniture pieces. We are both involved in all the aspects and the work steps, and we are always super concentrated. We are very different from one another and this must be our strong point and it will make the difference for us. Attico has two imaginary worlds and several iconographic references, and it always becomes fun to put the pieces together.

What is your creative process like when devising a new collection?

We respect and trust each other's ideas and we are very flexible with how each of us think. At the end, two different minds who think in a very different way brought a special mix of aesthetics to the brand. We’re learning and getting to know each other better every day. Gilda is learning that having a mental order is important, Giorgia is learning how not to be afraid of colors. Giorgia usually subtracts and Gilda adds. This is how we do it. We have very different styles and Attico is the result of both of us. Its aesthetic is Gilda meets Giorgia. This means that the collection will always have unexpected pieces that are not Giorgia or Gilda but something new and different, where the unifying theme is effortless.

Your label pays tribute to iconic vintage designs from various decades. What inspired you to draw inspiration from various eras? How does your line meld vintage and modern designs together?

Attico is nostalgic but also fresh, sophisticated but fun, luxury but also easy to wear. We like to define Attico as modern vintage. Our start is nostalgic but our goal is to make the collection modern and fresh. The inspiration comes from the past, from classic wardrobe pieces as the peignoir and lavish materials, but Attico is for the girl of today who knows how to mix a robe with jeans and carry it with an attitude. There is a mysterious vibe, especially in the general aesthetic of the brand. Attico tells the story of women in their apartments, what they do, how the decor of their place is, what they read, and how they feel, and it all happens behind closed doors.

How would you describe the Attico woman? Where is she going and what is she wearing?

Every woman, young or older, beautiful, intellectual, who travels the world. A woman who likes to experiment and has her own sense of individuality. This modern woman meets our muses from the past who actually gave names to our styles: Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, Cher, Ali McGraw, Veruschka, and more. The result is a girl like us that can still dream about the time gone by and can appreciate old precious things.

Both of you are widely known and revered for your street-style. How has street-style changed the fashion industry? And has this had an impact on the way you design or perceive fashion?

It has changed a part of the fashion industry, especially on the communication and marketing side. In our case, street style didn’t have an impact on the way we design. Attico starts from a different point of inspiration and references. On the contrary, street style is a playground where our clothes can be shown. It is very pleasing to see women from the fashion industry wearing our designs.

What are some improvements you would like to see happen within the fashion industry?

This is a very delicate moment for the fashion industry. After several recent events that have had an impact, we think more than ever that everyone should be more sensitive to certain matters that involve diversity, violence, politics, and education. Fashion has a strong voice in society and our daily routine is very much connected to social media and exposure. It should not be misused, but rather addressed for healthy and informative communication.

Can you drop any hints on what we can expect to see for your FW18 collection?

South of Italy à la Attico.

What are some of your goals that you hope to achieve this year, and how do you see the brand growing as a whole?

2018 will be an important year for us. We have big plans for the growth of Attico but everything is still a work in progress and we can’t tell, just yet.

Click through to see Attico's decadent FW18 collection.


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