Baby Dior Line Now Available in the U.S.

Dior launches new baby and kids lines for Fall/Winter 2021.

This week Dior launched their new Baby Dior line in the U.S.  Their Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection has options for kids, babies and newborns. Dior also released the baby Dior stroller and B27 sneakers as part of their new line. 

Baby Dior unisex stroller. Image courtesy of Dior.

The collection features a variety of styles of tees, jackets, dresses, bottoms and shoes. The line was designed to celebrate the connections between humankind, the earth and the sky. It includes creamy muted patterns, simple solid colors and basic graphic design — perfect for every outing.

Baby Dior newborn girl’s dress. Image courtesy of Dior.
Baby Dior newborn boy sweatshirt. Image courtesy of Dior.

Dior also released new items for their Fall/Winter kids collection. You can shop the new Baby Dior or Dior kids collection at

Dior kids girl’s Fall/Winter T-shirt. Image courtesy of Dior.
Dior kids boy’s T-shirt for Fall/Winter 2021. Image courtesy of Dior.
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