Baby Yors Returns with Fashion Music Video for Mundo Del Revés — WATCH

Baby Yors Returns with Fashion Music Video for Mundo Del Revés — WATCH

Celebrated vocalist and fashion muse Baby Yors is back with a new music video for his single Mundo Del Revés, and speaks exclusively with V about his art and process

Celebrated vocalist and fashion muse Baby Yors is back with a new music video for his single Mundo Del Revés, and speaks exclusively with V about his art and process

Text: Alex Blynn

Today, the South American crooner and fashion darling known as Baby Yors is releasing the newest music video for his single “Mundo Del Revés,” a Spanish-language party track with a cool, throwback vibe, about a world turned upside down and inside out. 

Presented in partnership with amateur adult entertainment streaming site CAM4 (Berlin-based fashion house Namilia recently forged a similar partnership with Pornhub, and you can read what V think about that pairing, here), “Mundo Del Revés” was directed and styled by Baby Yors himself and produced by Prose Productions, a company founded by Yors’ husband R. Kurt Osenlund. The forward-thinking music clip is indicative of Yors’ style aesthetic, mixing surprising materials like zebra-print opera gloves and custom rainbow human-hair wigs with inexpensive pieces found on the internet and couture jackets and chaps pulled from The Blonds showroom (Phillipe and David Blond are personal friends of Yors’). 

The topsy-turvy look and feel of the film reflects its title, which roughly translates to Upside Down World. Yors and his crew of dancers and models — including Julieta Miquelarena and P.S. Kaguya — twirl and slink around what appears to be a circus ring, as well as sets from a natural history museum (either is appropriate for the theme). A mishmash of psychedelic visuals swirls around Yors and his crew, as he vogues and booty-dances on stage. An easy and upbeat drum beat with classical guitar riffs accompanies Yors’ signature emotive vocals, and the overall effect feels fun, spontaneous, and chic.

Now, in an exclusive interview with V, Baby Yors discusses “Mundo Del Revés,” the partnership with CAM4, and what’s next for him in 2020.

VMAGAZINE “Mundo Del Revés” - what is this song about?

BABY YORS So all the lyrics are heavily influenced by Maria Elena Walsh. She was a popular children's book author and songwriter from Argentina, and also a lesbian. I used to listen to her when I was little all the time. She does spoken word, stuff like that, and she has a song called “El Reino del Revés” or, the upside down kingdom. It's a very clever and funny little story for children, and I always thought it was so sweet, and it has so much behind it. So this is my take on an upside down kingdom, except here the whole world is upside down!

V So talk to us about this CAM4 partnership.

BY I did a show back in December 2019 at 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn, and CAM4 allowed us to live stream to their site for the whole thing. I thought it was so interesting! They're always doing a lot of artistic things… a lot of porn sites do, actually. And I love how open CAM4 is to that, to this world, how used to working with artists they are. I felt like it was so unexpected to work with an adult webcam service brand, so it still fits with the theme of upside down and surprises.

V The many-colored wigs play a big part in this video, especially when it comes to that fantastic jacket you outfitted them on.

BY Totally! So Charlie Le Mindu is a legend and creates couture pieces made out of real human hair. Those in my video are actually museum pieces that he was kind enough to let us use. I feel like the weight that they have makes them special, gives them beautiful movement, and you can definitely see that on the jacket. They're a total vibe and very visually shocking, I feel!

V There are a lot of scissors and a lot of hair in this video, in general! Is that a running theme?

BY So, this story actually happened. When I was a kid, in Argentina, there were guys on motorcycles who would, in the middle of the day, jump off their bikes while next to a girl with beautiful hair in a ponytail, and they'd cut it off! Then they’d jump back on the bike and race off. It was on the news. And it happened to someone in my family. I was terrified of that happening to me because I loved my hair! So it stuck in my mind. You know like when you're a kid and you hear something scary? That’s what happened to me! So it’s a theme in my work, hair. And here too!

V So what’s next for you?

BY I’m going to be releasing an album later this year. It’s going to be mostly in Spanish and will definitely have some dance tracks and be pretty positive. But it will also be addressing America's past and how much it is about immigration, about people coming and killing and then building on top of that. I’m an immigrant of course, and it’s important to me to make a statement with my art, even while I’m dancing!

Watch Baby Yors' new music video for "Mundo del Revés" below:

Credits: Photographer: Cole Witter


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