Backstage at Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2020

Get a behind the scenes look at the designer’s latest collection inspired by “ecosexuals”

Following his previous show devoted to sexual fetishes, designer Christopher Kane took on a new concept of erotism this season, something he describes as “ecosexual.” According to the show’s notes, an “ecosexual” can loosely be defined as one who is “intimate with nature by indulging in earthly pleasures.” The idea translated into a highly personal collection that tapped all of Kane’s sweet spots: space, nature, and fetish. Pictures of daisies taken in his local East London Park became fabric for longline coats, while slogans like “sleep with the stars” appeared on glittering cosmic dresses. Texture wasn’t an afterthought, silicone was used in creating alien-esq, amorphous shapes repeated throughout the clothes and accessories. With the runway becoming more so concerned about the Earth than ever, Kane presents a whimsical look at the natural encouraging us to be environmentally (and fashionably) intune.

Click through to exclusive backstage photos at the show.


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