Backstage Beauty Exclusive at Acne Studios Fall/Winter 2022

From divine denim to flowing silks, Acne Studios showed a wide range of aesthetics at their Fall/Winter 2022 show.

Acne Studios brings an ephemeral and upcycled  look to fashion week with their Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Kicking off the show with an asymmetrical ripped long sleeve paired with a red denim skirt that stays true to the heritage of the Swedish brand. Designed by Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, the new season leans into the denim nature of Acne Studios roots. From upcycled dresses made from patches of different wash denim, to new patchwork paper bag jeans and an entire denim catsuit. 

The new season has quite an ethereal feel as well. Quilted coats come in bright pastel shades, and dresses made from flowing silk and are dyed  to resembles watercolor paints. These details create a mystical, yet dainty and soft look to the otherwise ruggedness and craftsmen’s look of the other garments. It takes on a DIY nature through the ripping and meticulous placement of holes on select dresses and tops. Although each aesthetic is seemingly different, they come together in a beautiful way for this collection. For a better look at the behind-the-scenes beauty, V is showing every detail from backstage.

Explore each backstage look below.

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