Bad Bunny Recap of Performance at WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Bad Bunny and WWE legend Booker T light up the Royal Rumble stage

At this year’s WWE Royal Rumble 2021, Bad Bunny graced the stage with an electric performance of his song “Booker T” off of his new album El Último Tour Del Mundo. The show began with sparks shooting up as Bunny jumped right into the song with WWE and wrestling legend Booker T himself standing motionless in the middle of the stage on top of a yellow and black bunny symbol.

With his name in the large yellow text along with his bunny symbols on the screen, Bad Bunny had three raver knots in his hair while wearing a black vest reminiscent of a bullet-proof vest, black pants, shoes, sunglasses, and a sweater that had 2032 the front of it. Booker T was in an all-green camo outfit and vest as he stood with a stern look on his face and a silver skull appearing in the screen behind him.

There was a break in the song where a school bell went off and Bad Bunny proceeded to skip around Booker T like a child trying to annoy their teacher. Pumping up the virtual stadium and fans at home, the performance concluded with Booker T taking the mic and yelling, “Can you dig it, sucker?” with a final set of sparks shooting out.

Fans all over the internet have been showing their love for the performance, with most people surprised to have Booker T on the stage with the Latin star, with Booker T tweeting “Never left!” and fans calling the return of “GI Bro.” Bad Bunny tweeted in a translation “I’m in my peak!” while some fans might have been confused as to Bad Bunny was.

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