Balenciaga and Vibram collab on the “Toe” Collection

The brands debut their new “Toe” collaboration for this year’s Winter 20 collection.

During their Winter 2020 runway presentation, Balenciaga debuted their new collaboration with Vibram for the “Toe” collection.

The collection will come with a limited edition sneaker and a high-heeled style. The Italian footwear brand is known for its rubber sole styles and will be making the shoes in recycled knit. They’re also known for their signature patented FiveFingers shoes.

The shoes are meant to separate the foot into rubber toes that allow for more comfort and better grip when walking. While it is an experience in itself when you wear it, it provides a bounce to your step.


The toe sock is available in carmine red and black, the toe lace up in black, and the heeled toe in neon pink and black. Each model features the Vibram and Balenciaga logos.

A limited edition of the shoes will be available in select international Balenciaga stores and the website on October 16.

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