Balenciaga Reimagines Streetwear With At-Home Style Touch

Balenciaga’s pre-summer 2021 collection of outerwear and streetwear incorporates at-home elements.

Balenciaga’s pre-summer 2021 collection maintains the brand’s commitment to finding beauty in classic garments while introducing a promise to sustainable practices.

The collection infuses these themes into various outerwear and streetwear pieces that are reimagined to reflect the preceding unorthodox year. Each item incorporates at-home styles — such as a sweatshirt, bathrobe, jogger and slippers — reflecting Balenciaga’s acknowledgment of how the pandemic has reshaped fashion. 



Fuzzy Balenciaga-printed slippers are paired with a bathrobe that incorporates a cozy sweatshirt style. The at-home-ness of this look receives a classic Balenciaga touch of black shades, silver earrings and a handbag with one oversized zipper.

A focus on sustainability in areas of design and production follows an increasing trend of fashion brands leaning into eco-friendly practices. Almost all of the materials in Balenciaga’s pre-summer 2021 collection are certified sustainable or upcycled. The collection also introduced an array of unisex pieces that help diminish gendered production practices that have dire environmental impacts.



Layered string-like fabric hangs off the shoulder in this casual but elegant look. The design is reminiscent of an upcycling process as it incorporates a patchwork style of hanging fabric. Oversized jeans, a shirt and open-toed flats ground the piece in Balenciaga’s commitment to an at-home nature.



Classic Balenciaga elegance is not lost in this collection that favors casual streetwear. Seen here is a chain dress designed to appear delicate despite its metal-linked surroundings. The chain links wrap around the entire upper body and dangle towards the bottom of the dress.

Balenciaga launched their pre-summer 2021 collection with a video that brings the global pandemic into conversation with darkened Paris streets that are usually filled with light during fashion week. 



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