Balenciaga Releases Koala-Themed Pieces To Support The Australian Bushfires

The brand shows its support for rescue and restoration efforts in Australia.

The Australian bushfires have been an unavoidable subject all over social media. The worldwide recognition of the devastation they’ve caused has set a chain reaction amongst the world’s elite to reach out to their followers and ask to support the cause in any way they could. Balenciaga has taken notice and decided to make their contribution to the cause. Available today, Balenciaga has released t-shirts and hoodies bearing the image of an Australian Koala.

All proceeds made from the sales of these items will be donated to local conservation organizations, selected by the Kering Group and Balenciaga sustainability experts. These organizations have been saviors along with many other volunteer fire services in the process of containing and extinguishing the bushfires that have taken the lives of many.

The release of these products comes after luxury conglomerate, Kering made a $1 Million AUD donation towards the relief of the fires. Contributions made from these items will help support the wildlife that inhabits the land of where the fires have wreaked havoc. An estimated half-billion animals that have lost their lives and more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed due to the fires.

The t-shirt and hoodies are unisex and sold exclusively at Balenciaga.



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