Balenciaga Releases Pride 2021 Capsule Collection

It’s not just a collection of LGBTQ celebration, but a social commitment to LGBTQ youth

Pride month is coming in a week. To celebrate Pride 2021, Balenciaga is releasing a capsule collection this June, continuing the brand’s history of promoting LGBTQIA+ visibility and acceptance. Available in select stores and online, items in this collection include baseball caps, shirts, hoodies, waistbands, underwear, sports bra, and more. 

In this collection, shirts come in two styles: varsity-style lettering that spells out “GAY PRIDE BALENCIAGA 2021” and emblazoned word GAY with a rainbow flag. Each style announces pride in a simple yet straightforward way. While some styles highlight the rainbow flag. The colorful rainbow is around the waist of men and women’s underwear, silently speaking for the LGBTQ pride and honor. Other rainbow styles include socks, party bracelets, and fake fur shoulder strap coin purses.

If you are looking for something low-key but significant, the magnetic mental pride brooch is your perfect choice. A take on the looped ribbon pin, the brooch signifies solidarity with a cause. 

This collection is not only a celebration of pride month but also supports the Trevor Project. Balenciaga will donate 15% of the sales price from the Pride 2021 products to The Trevor Project and its mission to end LGBTQ youth suicide. Founded in 1998, it is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people. It offers various programs, such as a 24/7 intervention suite, to raise awareness, advocate and fight for pro-LGBTQ legislation and help young LGBTQ people in crisis and end suicide. Beyond fashion values, this and many other Balenciaga capsule collections keep pursuing a commitment to community involvement and directing awareness towards urgent social issues.


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