Ballet Flats to Dance Through Life In

With ‘ballet core’ sweeping the Internet, these are the ballet flats to shop if you want to channel your inner ballerina

One thing that continues to prove itself to be true time and time again about the Internet is: it absolutely loves a niche micro-trend aesthetic. Among the slew of fads that seem to come and go faster than you can blink, one aesthetic trend has stood the test of time. Ballet core, or ballerina core, is an aesthetic movement that has exploded over the last two years.


PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 04: Brittany Xavier seen wearing a beige blazer, glitter skirt, socks and Miu Miu ballerinas, rose Miu Miu leather handbag, outside Miu Miu during Pariser Fashion Week on October 04, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

The trend is less focused on actually being a ballerina, but instead embodying the style and essence of a ballerina. Characterized by soft silhouettes and shades of pink, cream, and gray, this trend has been solidified by designers who have chosen to incorporate its elements into their collections. It is not uncommon to meet people who tell you that they dreamed of becoming a ballerina in their youth, but the dream never materialized. Through this aesthetic movement, we can all pay a little homage to the young versions of ourselves who daydreamed about tutus and pointe shoes. 


 Sandy Liang, Mary Jane Pointe Shoe, $495                                                                

Liang launched the Mary Jane Pointe shoe in September of 2022 after a design process that took over two years. The dainty shoes are offered in three color-ways (ballet pink, chocolate brown, and black) and two materials (satin or leather) and are available on the designer’s website.

Image courtesy of Sandy Liang


The Row, Ava Shoe in leather, $790

The sister-owned brand has been making variations of ballet flats for several years now, offering a solid selection on their website. These shoes are some of the most similar to the classic Ballet flat we all know and love. The shoes range from $790 to $890 on the site, and the wide array of styles allows customers to decide what type of ballerina they want to be. 

Image courtesy of The Row


Miu Miu, Naplak leather flatform ballerinas $1,170

Since the Italian design house’s rebellious take on ballet flats debuted on their FW 2016 runway, ballet flats have become a pillar of the Miu Miu brand. Customers will find an entire section of Miu Miu’s website dedicated to ‘Ballerinas’ – all of the brands takes on the classic. The entire collection of sweet shoes is available on the brand’s website.


Image courtesy of Miu Miu


Gucci, Women’s Ballet Flat with Horsebit, $850

In the realm of ballet flats, Gucci offers a more elevated take on the style. Coming in three colorways, these darlings stay true to the brand’s classic design style while also keeping their nose on the current trends. The shoes retail for $850 on Gucci’s website.


Image courtesy of Gucci


Prada, Black Nappa Leather Ballerinas $950

In this shoe, Prada offers a sleek and simple ballet flat with a dainty bow on top. These flats are for the everyday ballerina, and one who wants people to know she’s wearing Prada. The shoes are available for $950 on the brand’s website.



Image courtesy of Prada

Repetto, Camille Ballerinas $440

Catapulted to internet stardom after being revealed as model and It-Girl Lily-Rose Depp’s go-to shoe, these darling flats have captured our hearts. Available in an extensive array of colors on the brand’s website.

Image courtesy of Repetto

Aeyde, Uma Creamy Nappa Shoe, $295 

Berlin-based brand Aeyde offers a sublimely simple take on the ballet flat. With a square toe and a skinny buckle strap, these babies are perfect for dressing up or down. These shoes are available on the brand’s website in six colors. 

Image courtesy of Aeyde

Maison Margiela, Tabi ballerinas, $750

You definitely know them, maybe you love them, maybe you hate them. The Tabi is without a doubt the internet’s most divisive shoe. However, their impact on the ballet flat resurgence cannot be denied. The Tabis are available in a variety of styles and colors on the brand’s website. 

Image courtesy of Maison Margiela

Chloé, Lauren Ballet Flat, $550

There are only so many ways to differentiate a simple shoe silhouette. However, Chloé figured it out in an understated but unique way. The scalloped-edged slip-ons add a perfect level of texture to any look. The shoes are available in a gorgeous color-way on the brand’s website.

Image courtesy of Chloé

Rag & Bone, Joey Ballet Flat, $395

An elegantly done design perfect for everyday wear, these darling shoes offer a cheaper alternative to big-name designer brands. One thing to note about these shoes is the memory foam padding for extra support. These shoes are available in black on the company’s website. 

Image courtesy of Rag & Bone



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