Barbiecore Is Fall’s Fiercest Fashion Trend

These pieces are only fit for the most glamorous of dollhouse tea parties.

Barbiecore is one of fall fashion’s most fun, funky, and flashy trends. But what even is this doll-inspired fashion aesthetic, you might ask? It is simply everything pink, sparkly, and glamorous.

Since the iconic blonde bombshell of a doll was released in 1959, fashion lovers and doll admirers have been replicating Barbie’s style to evoke her sense of confidence and femininity in their everyday lives.

This year, the same pink-centered aesthetic has found its way into the fall wardrobes of the fashionable who are looking to add a pop of color to the sea of neutral tones we usually see at the turn of the seasons.

If you are looking to do the same and be the birthday cake cake-pop in a mountain of pumpkin spice lattes, V made this list so you can be the most Barbie-core girl this fall.

Of course, every Barbie has the best accessories and bags. So, here are our picks of pink pouches and beautiful bling.

Swarovksi makes jewelry for whoever is running the dollhouse tea party. This choker will be the talk of the table have you fit to make a cameo in Greta Gerwig’s coming Barbie movie.

Photo courtesy of Swarovski.

Shop this choker here.

Then there is also this ring which will also do the same.

Photo courtesy of Swarovski.

Shop this ring here.

Of course, there is still sun in the fall. So these diamond frame sunglasses from Balenciaga will block the sun and any hater trying to take you out of your dream world.

Photo via

Shop these sunglasses here.

If you’re into the campy side of Barbie, this bag from JW Anderson will catch eyes while it keeps your belongings safe.

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Shop this bag here.

Or, if you are more subtle, this Miu Miu bag would even have the Bratz dolls jealous.

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Shop this bag here.

Every good accessory needs an outfit to complement. So, here are our picks for the best tops, bottoms, and jackets to wear in your Barbie Dream House.

This flowy Blumarine shirt is perfect for layering and gives off an effortlessly chic look.

Phot via

Shop this shirt here.

There is also this Balenciaga dress which looks like a Polly Pocket dress made life-size.

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Shop this dress here.

Of course, you will need some pink pants to complete any Barbie-core look. So, we recommend these classics.

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Shop these pants here.

And if you are trying to be the bougiest Barbie in the room, this jacket will have you looking like dream house royalty.

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Shop this jacket here.

But, if that’s not your style, but you still need to keep warm, this Barbiecore x gorpcore look from Balenciaga will surly do the trick.

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Shop this coat here.

Of course, you don’t need to spend hundreds to look like a Barbie. Just grab the most pink you can and walk down the street like it’s your Barbie dream world. That is as Barbiecore as you can get.

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