Beauty as Kindness

A gesture of gratitude with skin-care package ideas for a healthcare worker you know.

     Healthcare workers around the world are at the front lines, battling COVID-19 to heal the victims who’ve been infected as cases rise globally. Their faces reveal determination as they take on another shift of hours behind a mask, working through the anxiety of scarce tests and proper supplies. There’s no complaint about their muscle aches, or the inevitable damage to their faces as it becomes irritated with dryness, inflammation and breakouts when they’re seeing 30-40 patients a day in an eight hour shift. The hands that heal become coarse with dryness as they constantly wash their hands with each patient. As an act of “Beauty as Kindness”, we ask our readers to send a care package to a healthcare worker you know to express gratitude for their work out on the field. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite healing products from our favorite small beauty businesses to send their way.


  1. SerumKind Black Blossom Drop

This is for someone who doesn’t have the bandwidth for skincare but could use the healing support for their skin. When we first heard of the single step skincare, we were skeptical. But as we ration our skincare products during quarantine, we thought to give this one a try and it’s become an obsession. Vegan, and cruelty free, the formula is derived from Black Tulips. A drop goes a long way, helping to strengthen the skin barrier, calm overworked skin and reduce the appearance of irritation. 

2. NatureofThings Superlative Body Balm

We’d usually recommend The Superlative Body Balm for athletes pre and post training for its cooling agent that’s reminiscent of Tiger Balm or Namman Muay Thai body oil. The level up is that the fragrance is much more palatable across the board and feels like a hybrid of a rich cream and a body balm with jojoba oil and shea butter. Before rubbing the product to the body for temporary relief, we’d recommend inhaling the product from the palm of the hand to open up the breath for aromatherapy. A note of caution is to apply the body balm after a facial skincare regimen. The cooling sensation on the shoulders can translate to a burning sensation near the eyes. NatureofThings is also donating Superlative Body Balm to healthcare workers. Have them email NatureofThings at [email protected] with their name, title, and photo of hospital or clinical ID to receive a special code for redemption through their website. 

3. Eve Lom Radiance Transforming Mask

Often used during the harshest weather conditions when skin becomes dry, irritated and inflamed, the efficacy is balmy and slowly melts into skin overnight. Skin looks healthier, brighter, and supple for up to 72 hours. There’s a sense of tactility when it’s first applied so if sleeping with a face mask overnight isn’t an option, a thirty minute mask works as fine. Lime Caviar, Hemp Seed Oil and Micro Algae helps regenerate and protect from external stressors. 

4. Mini Luxe Nourishing Oil

Conveniently portable and petite enough to slip into a pocket, the oil comes in a roller ball for a quick swipe of moisture. The blend of nourishing essential oils with lavender, lemon, tea tree and rosemary extract, soothes when a deep 5 second breath can shift a mood. It’s what the brand likes to call its #MiniMoments. Mini Luxe has donated Mada disinfectant wipes from their salons to the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

5. Dr.Barbara Lip Balm
Dr. Barbara Sturm recently led a social media campaign, taking nominations and donating thousands of skincare products to healthcare workers around the globe. Her serums have become a hero in everyone’s vanity over the years, especially for those with sensitive skin. The Lip Balm took four years of testing and 35 samples to reach a plant based formula that would nourish delicate skin over the harshest conditions. 

6.  Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream

The trio 50mL Hand, cuticle and nail cream is infused with Brazil Nut, Cupuaçu Butter, Coconut Oil, and Acai Oil. Fast absorbing, non-greasy and leaves a powdery finish. It’s been a favorite amongst beauty insiders and recommended by a beauty product developer who swatches formulas and colors, constantly washing their hands.

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