Beauty Blogger Melina Taj Shares Passion for Traveling Across the Globe and Connecting with New Audiences

The beauty mogul shares how it has been integral to her business.

Melina Taj, an expert beauty consultant and a famous makeup artist shares her love for traveling and how it has been integral to her popularity. Travel introduced Melina to new ways of thinking, creating, and understanding beauty that was not just amazing to experience but equally thrilling to execute.

Makeup influencers connect with their followers and make their unique mark in the industry by sharing knowledge of the products that they personally approve. Because of the beauty industry’s massive popularity, demand is high for makeup and skincare guidance from trusted individuals. Influencers hold an integral position in shaping the future of makeup trends. Shabnam Tajik, known as Melina Taj, on Instagram and other social media platforms, shared a deep sense of love for makeup and beauty from her childhood days. Melina is devoted to sharing her artistry on Instagram, showing how to create spell-bounding looks in every way, from minimalism and elegance to ultra-glam.


Travel as a skill-set enhancer


Melina attributes her wide fan following on social media to her passion for travel. According to her, travel has been an essential part of her career and personality development. Travel helped her find new perspectives to satisfy customer needs in ingenious ways, allowed access to different cultures and trends, and enhanced her expertise on the subject of beauty and makeup. Melina’s expertise in the field earned her an invitation to deliver a talk on beauty marketing in the first-ever Iranian Beauty Conference. 


She also had the privilege of holding a very large beauty masterclass outside of Iran in Istanbul, Turkey. The masterclass gave her wide exposure to world-class beauty experts and global cosmetic and beauty brands that were associated as sponsors of the event such as Victoria’s Secret, Huda Beauty, Benefit, Nyx Cosmetics, Clarins, Tarte Cosmetics.


Melina believes that traveling does not just give her time off and allows her mind to take a break, but it also gives her creative inspirations to try new styles and learn more about the latest trends of the fashion world. She suggests that outside the pure joy of seeing the sights and sounds of a new place, traveling to a foreign land helps her look at the world through a different lens and forge healthy and lasting human relationships in the world of business and beyond. 



Awards and accolades 


Melina’s growing popularity, influence, and familiarity with all aspects of beauty made her earn a Master of Makeup degree from the French Makeup Studio and the honor of being invited to work with them. She collaborates with brands like Swarovski, Nars, Bobbi Brown and is often invited to their events. She was also invited by Samer Khuzami, a noted makeup artist, to his class as a guest. No matter where she goes, she makes it a point to connect with her audience on a personal level. She feels that human connection and showing genuine interest in enhancing an individual’s appearance has been the secret ingredient behind her ever-increasing follower base.


First steps as a beauty blogger


Hailing from the beautiful and historical country of Iran, Melina was fulfilled to the brim when it came to job satisfaction. Unlike others, she was not one of those who had to brood to choose the right career path. Since she was confident about where her passion was, she was quick to decide that a career as a makeup artist would be most suitable for her persona.

As a professional makeup artist, her day revolved around making people look more beautiful and confident about themselves. Melina’s credibility came to her stride after she launched her page on social media in 2018 and started giving her tips and tricks to those interested in the world of makeup and beauty. Her years of experience and deep-seated know-how keeps her followers loyal to her social media handle. Her followers depend on her as a mentor to show them the way. For brands searching for authentic partnerships, Melina’s review is like the golden ticket. 


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