Beauty Homeschool with Betina Goldstein

Chanel nail artist, Betina Goldstein inspires us with a step by step tutorial on a snakeskin nail design to slither into the weekend.

Have you stumbled onto Chanel nail artist, Betina Goldstein’s Instagram yet? Her nails are playful, chic, healthy, and always trimmed to a functional length to live in. She feeds us with the sweetest inspiration – whether it’s reminding you to vote in crystals letters against a healthy glow of her real nails, detailed baby watermelon sugar slices, or thrashing waves emerging from her cuticles. Her nails are always expressive with her art and adorned with her jewelry line – Double Moss.

A self-taught nail artist, Betina started doing her own nails since 2011. “I started experimenting with techniques and progressively challenged myself. Each time I would strive to achieve finer details in a design or incorporate different materials and mediums into my nail art. It has become a therapeutic process for me to express myself.”

And as for her healthy nails behind her petite nail art? “I am a firm believer that healthy nails are the most beautiful nails, so for me, health comes before design. I pay attention to the ingredients of the products I am putting on my hand and nails. I do not use traditional acetone nail polish remover and I try to only have products in my kit that won’t strip natural oils from nails or skin.” *Quick side note – To let you in on a little V Beauty secret – use Chanel Le Blanc Huile on your cuticles before bed. V use it on our face at night and finish off the product left in the palm of our hands to moisturize our cuticles. A little goes a long way. 

V asked Betina to inspire us for the weekend with a nail design we can all try using common household tools. And in case you struggle with painting with your non-dominant hand, she suggests, “…Do everyday things with your non-dominant hand and slowly you will be able to have more control and stability with it. A tip to successfully paint with your non-dominant hand is to rest your wrist on a table, this way you have more stability, then have your dominant hand do most of the movement. Practice and patience are key.” If we have any time for that, it’s now.

What you’ll need to get started is a textured fabric such as a laundry bag or fishnet, bobby pin, toothbrush, and two shades of nail polish. Betina is using Chanel Le Vernis in Richness and Chanel Le Vernis in Pure Black. 

See below for instructions:

  1. Apply an even layer of Chanel le Vernis in richness on the entire nail.
  2. Cut a square out of the laundry bag big enough to wrap around the tip of your finger and nail and secure using a bobby-pin.
  3. Dip the tip of your toothbrush first in Chanel Le Vernis in Pirate and dab product over the entire nail and then in Chanel Le Vernis in Pure Black and this time, create an X shape.

4. Remove the bobby pin and slowly pull the fabric going up.

5. Using a lip brush dipping in nail polish remover, clean up any polish that got on your skin.

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