Beauty Nurse Elizabeth Sommers Lists 5 Inspiring Transformations Actors Made For a Movie Role

Beauty Nurse Elizabeth Sommers Lists 5 Inspiring Transformations Actors Made For a Movie Role

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Beauty Nurse Elizabeth Sommers Lists 5 Inspiring Transformations Actors Made For a Movie Role

Sometimes to truly embody a character, actors transform every inch of themselves to represent the role that they are playing. The beauty these actors obtain often goes beyond the business of filmmaking and becomes artistry. To Elizabeth Sommers, beauty is not a business - it is always an art. Sommers is a registered nurse in aesthetic medicine and an aesthetic injector trainer. She transforms people for good and believes that a lot of them get inspired by movies. Here she explores five transformations that actors underwent for a movie role to embody their character truly.

Kirsten Dunst - Marie Antoinette (2006)

At the age of 24, Dunst took on the role of the beautifully iconic and oblivious French Queen Marie Antoinette. “In custom-made Manolo Blahnik shoes and towering, posy adored platinum hair, Dunst transformed into a stunning 18th-century queen,” states Sommers.

Natalie Portman - Jackie (2016)

Though she was portraying the former first lady in one of the darkest periods of her life, Portman embodied the iconic style of Jackie O perfectly. Sommers elaborates, “Portman completely transformed herself from the inflection in her voice to the sway of her walk to bring one of the most revered style icons to life on the screen.”

Anne Hathaway - Alice In Wonderland (2010)

Hathaway transformed into an icy platinum Queen in Tim Burton’s whimsical take on Alice In Wonderland. “The natural brunette shimmered as the flaxen-haired White Queen with dark brows and ever-present plum lipstick, who created a beautiful dichotomy between darkness and light,” says Sommers.

Lily James - Cinderella (2015)

Disney’s live-action take on their tale of Cinderella saw James undergo the ultimate rags to riches transformation. “The iconic blue ballgown that James wore for the film was adorned with 10,000 Swarovski crystals, each hand-stitched onto the gown. James’s shimmering bejeweled ballgown became iconic as soon as stills of the dress appeared, with many aspiring to recreate the grandiose outfit,” opines the medic.

Mia Sara - Legend (1985)

Since its release in 1985, Legend’s sumptuous visuals have stood the test of time. Outside of Tim Curry’s demonic visage, the most iconic and lasting image of the film is Mia Sara’s transformation from delicate beauty to dark demonic bride. Sommers explains, “Sara’s journey to the dark side saw her wearing an opulent black gown with a neckline that traveled below her navel and an extravagant collar that reached high above her head. Sara was not yet sixteen when she made her film debut in Legend, and her ability to portray the metamorphosis from a waif-like young girl to an empowered dark queen was highly celebrated.”

Elizabeth Sommers believes that each actor on this list was able to embody the character that they were portraying fully, and the iconic visuals that they created still inspire.


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