Beck Teams up with NASA for ‘Hyperspace’ Visual Album Experience

Get ready for a cosmic journey.

Beck wants to take you the stars with his ethereal new visual album, ‘Hyperspace: A.I. Exploration.’ The singer and songwriter teamed with NASA to deliver a visionary project that features visualizations, animations and data with revolutionary Artificial Intelligence tech. 

In 2019, Beck released his record “Hyperspace.” Now, he’s taking this cosmic journey to a whole another level with his collaboration with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and artificial intelligence creatives. 

The mesmerizing aerial visuals of Earth and space are accompanied by Beck’s soft psychedelic grooves and synth-pop beats. The album also features Pharell Williams as co-producer, co-writer, and musician on the seven tracks. 

The new visual album couldn’t be a more perfect match for Beck’s inner-space journey. Explore the universe with Beck.


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