Becoming Living Art: Alaïa x Picasso

Parisian Couture Maison Alaïa and Picasso create wearable art.

“This is an Alaïa!” We all remember Cher, fellow shopaholic and star of classic 90s romcom Clueless shrieking, her priority to favor fashion -even at gunpoint- is an Alaïa brand moment burned into pop culture history. Now the famous French brand Alaïa has collaborated with the Picasso Administration to bring us a six piece limited edition collection that is totally Cher-worthy.  Designed by brand director Pieter Mulier, the Tanagras Collection was shown as a part of the brand’s Summer-Fall 22 collection. The dresses are inspired by Pablo Picasso’s time creating ceramic sculptures, and are only available at select Alaïa boutiques.

Picasso’s Tanagras pieces for which Alaïa’s dresses have been named are ceramic vases created by the Spanish artist in 1947 and 1948. The artist was influenced by Mediterranean sculptures called Tanagras, made to celebrate female as goddesses, artists and dancers. Picasso made his own, twisting the idealized sculptures to fit his own forward-thinking aesthetic.

Mulier has taken the distinctive mark-making of Picasso and brought it to life, turning it into bold embroidered prints that decorate the dresses. The garments climb up the neck and cover the face, mimicking the opening of the female-inspired vases made by Picasso and are meant to accentuate the body. The pieces follow the sculptures’ color pallet of terra-cotta , black, white and blue. The six dresses transform the wearer into a living piece of art that demonstrates the influence the famous artist had on the concept of modernity in both fashion and art. 


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