MINI V: Behind the Buzz of Dixie D’Amelio

The singer, social media star, and all-around multi-hyphenate traded her tresses for a buzz-cut, but it’s not just about the new do

With enough followers to populate a large country (over 57 million on TikTok and 24.3 million on Instagram, to be exact), Dixie D’Amelio has Gen Z hanging onto her every move. What she wears creates social media superstorms. Every daring new look has the power to ignite a new pop culture trend. And to signal the start of a new chapter, the 21-year-old recently chopped her thick hair into a freshly shaven buzz cut look. “Not to sound cheesy, but I think a big cut like this really symbolizes a new start for me,” D’Amelio says. In this behind-the-scenes exclusive, she tells Mini V what exactly that new start might be.

MINI V: We’re obsessed with your new look. Can you tell us why you decided to do it?

DIXIE D’AMELIO: I had been going back and forth about doing it for a long time and finally made the decision to just do it. My mom did it when she was in her 20s and she was the one who inspired me to go through with it. She was really supportive of the whole thing, which was really helpful, and it was so special sharing this moment with her. Ultimately, the timing of the decision came down to the fact that there is no better time than the present!

MV: What has your confidence journey been like since the cut?

DD: It’s definitely been a roller coaster. It took some getting used to, at first, but I absolutely love it  now, and my confidence has been boosted for sure. It feels like a new era for me. I was struggling with how I could elevate myself and this felt risky at first; I don’t think anyone was expecting this from me. But I’ve been sitting on the idea for so long that I was just tired of holding myself back. Being able to rock a buzz cut—when long, gorgeous hair has always been the standard—is empowering. I’ve now found new confidence in my fashion and look, I have been taking more risks in my career, and I just feel like I’ve entered a new chapter in my life. It feels freeing!

MV: Has it inspired you to make other changes to your style?

DD: My new cut has made me take more risks when it comes to fashion. I’ve been accessorizing more, having more fun with bolder statement pieces, and trying new trends. It’s also been so amazing to have people tell me how much this inspired them to take fashion risks or try a new look they were too nervous to do before.

MV: Were you worried about anything before the cut?

DD: Honestly, I wasn’t worried! Once I made the decision to cut my hair, I let my fear go and did it for myself. Outside opinions didn’t affect me in this decision, either. At the end of the day, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back and life goes on.

MV: In addition to the new look, you’ve recently been vocal about your diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). What has that been like?

DD: I was suffering with the symptoms of PMDD for a long time and had so many unanswered questions about why I was feeling the way I was. I sought advice from so many doctors, but no one knew exactly what was happening. It was insanely scary and very defeating. Once I was finally able to find an answer, it was very important to me to use my platform to share my diagnosis. I knew right away that I wanted to share it with people online in hopes of helping someone else who could be suffering in the same way.

MV: Looking ahead, what projects do you have on the horizon for 2023?

DD: So much—I’m so excited to share once I can. Lots of music, fashion, and seeing where my creativity takes me! Stay tuned.

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