Bel Air Gleams with Louis Vuitton Seams

Louis Vuitton takes French craftmanship out west to the City of Stars with Crafting Dreams

A dream is defined as a visionary creation of the imagination. Others might argue it’s a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal. At Louis Vuitton’s Crafting Dreams, it’s all the above. This spring, the French powerhouse weaves a dream catcher of sorts, harnessing all its cherished creations under one roof. And what better place to weft dreams than the city of stars?

Louis Vuitton invites its fervent following to a savoir-faire experience like no other. On view are consummate collections that dazzle in a stunning private residence. There are Objets Nomades, iconic hard-sided trunks, remarkable watches, exquisite fine jewelry, and one-of-a-kind exotic leather goods. Showcasing knockout collaborations and presenting opportunities to customize Louis Vuitton’s extensive product catalog with legendary artisans, this experience incarnates the house’s relentless devotion to craftsmanship.

Let’s talk about the scene. Walking through the corridors of this fresh Bel Air pad, you’ll be greeted by dedicated salons in just about every room. Neon lights pulse life into its sleek interior. Vivid hues of pink, yellow, and blue cut into each corner, imbuing a different vibe into each room. There are rooms dedicated to the house’s baby collection for infants up to 12 years old, and others showcase watches and jewelry in gallery-like settings. There are even some dedicated to Louis Vuitton’s mascot Vivienne.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The trunk is likely the most distinctive emblem of the Louis Vuitton universe. Marc Newson and Louis Vuitton come together to reimagine hard-sided trunks. Considering heritage, it only makes sense to muse on the house’s earliest product. What ensues? The Wonder Trunk.

Entering the iconic residence, you’ll find this Cabinet of Curiosities. 19 modular cubes compose this newfangled take on the trunk. Available in three colorways, it features hidden compartments to store precious belongings. While the Cabinet of Curiosities won’t be on view until Milan Design Week later this month, you can get a sneak peek if you make your way west to Louis Vuitton’s Crafting Dreams. Then, there’s the Malle Maison Vendôme for the jewel crazed. A hard-sided, handheld piece shaped in the likeness of the iconic Louis Vuitton store on Place Vendôme in Paris. Within this opulent trunk, Rose Ballerine microfiber lining echoes throughout its drawers and displays to result in one uber-glamorous way to store your jewelry. For those with an extra helping of wanderlust, the savoir-faire experience debuts a new rolling trunk that translates the needs of the jet set to Louis Vuitton’s vernacular of Parisian glamour.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Trunks aren’t the only bags soaking up the limelight at Crafting Dreams. Capucines get remixed to the tune of exotic materials, while Keepalls are updated with precious materials and new colors.

Spilling craftmanship from fashion onto the home, Louis Vuitton displays Objets Nomades. Travel-inspired furniture and Sporting pieces featuring cutting-edge collaborations with internationally renowned designers take center stage. Curated amongst this realm of dreams, a Flower Tower light radiates with statement. Hand-blown Italian glass flower monograms get stacked one on top of another. Their sum: a procession of halos of light diffused throughout a passage of stunning Opaline rings crafted by the Milan-based design duo Atelier Biagetti.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The event also showcases a luxe array of games for the lighthearted, perfect for summer fun. Check out Louis Vuitton’s brand-new luxe ping pong table. If that’s not up your alley, scope out the Vanity Mahjong set making its US debut. For those who prefer to lounge game-side, there’s the Infinity Party Trunk. Drenched in Yayoi Kusama’s signature Infinity Dots, this trunk is no ordinary trunk; unlatch its gold-tone hardware, and you’ll soon discover it’s got a full champagne service. Whether throwing a Gatsby-style party or having an intimate gathering, you can check it out IRL at Louis Vuitton’s Crafting Dreams.

A sequel to its opening in Milan, the White Canvas: LV Trainer in Residence exhibition takes its narrative to the Los Angeles abode. Stemming from Louis Vuitton’s late Men’s Artistic Director, Virgil Abloh, the project repurposes the low-top LV Trainer as a blank canvas. What ensues is a dialogue of artistic expression, showcasing three limited edition variations in collaboration with artists Lady Pink, Lee Quiñones, and the Estate of Rammellzee.

As the Louis Vuitton universe makes its way to LA, it’s only fitting there’d be a room dedicated to the most fashionable of all places in the City of Stars: the red carpet. In a lavish display of gowns worn by stars such as Ana de Armas, Gemma Chan, Jennifer Connelly, Cynthia Erivo, Phoebe Dynevor, and Sophie Turner, you’ll come to notice Hollywood glamour oozing from its walls.

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

From April 12th to May 3rd, fashion connoisseurs can explore the house’s most sumptuous offerings by appointment.

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