Bella Hadid as Co-Founder of Kin Euphorics

Hollywood’s biggest supermodel now has a new gig under her lengthy list of successes: co-founder of the beverage company Kin Euphorics.

Bella Hadid is the latest celebrity to enter into the beverage business. Hadid took to Instagram to share the news about her latest venture with Kin Euphorics: a brand of “nonalcoholic adaptogenic” drinks. The megamodel took to Instagram to announce the partnership in a series of three grid posts with pretty extensive captions explaining her investment in the brand and her decision to get involved with it.

Image courtesy of Bella Hadid and Kin Euphorics

“‘CREATION IS MY LOVE LANGUAGE’ and the fact that i get to do it with my kindered spirit, soul sister, @jenofkin is one of the most magical parts!,” said Hadid in her Instagram post. She claims that the reason she’s so passionate about the brand is its effect on her mental health: “As many of you know, I have suffered from extreme depression and anxiety for most of my teenage and adult life. Since I was 14, I had tried everything to help myself feel better… Asking myself and the universe that maybe since I had been so lucky in other aspects of my life, that this low vibration was just where I would have to stay. Until the universe brought me to Jen and KIN!.. This is THE drink to make you feel good. Before anything, I was a passionate consumer. It has benefited me for over a year now, with ingredients that help calm our nervous system, add serotonin to our brains, center us, ground us, and energize without the crash!”

Image courtesy of Bella Hadid and Kin Euphorics

Hadid said that trying Kin Euphorics “for the first time was one of the most life changing moments” for her. After its effects on her mood and mental health, Hadid claims she saw immediate results and personally reached out to Jen Batchelor, founder and CEO of Kin Euphorics, to find a way to get involved with the brand. 


Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic beverage that is supposed to simulate the euphoric feelings associated with drinking without any of the alcohol or hangovers it tends to cause. The beverages include “Gaba, a naturally-occurring nootropic chemical that promotes relaxation, Tyrosine, a mood enhancer, rhodiola rosea, which induces euphoria and helps with hormone harmony.”

Image courtesy of Bella Hadid and Kin Euphorics

The brand comes in two flavors: Lightwave, which is a vanilla-lavender beverage designed to help you combat stress, and Kin Spritz, which is a ginger beverage that aims to enhance your clarity and refuel your social battery. You can order either of the flavors in their 8oz bottles, which come in an 8 pack for $30 and a 16 pack for $56. You can check out the Kin Euphorics website to learn more about the brand and try some of their products out for yourself.

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