Bella Thorne Comes out as Pansexual

The former Disney star dropped the news during an interview with Good Morning America.

There is never a dull moment with Bella Thorne. If you thought the nude photos she leaked on Twitter or the constant stream of promiscuity on her Instagram was telling, you thought wrong. Bella surpasses the limits of social media by using her words as a rising writer to speak her truth. In a Good Morning America interview on Monday, she speaks about the release of her book, Life of a Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, and the new conclusions she has drawn, redefining her identity as pansexual. Though she came out as bisexual over twitter in 2016, Bella explains how a “thorough” explanation of pansexuality from a friend resonated with her more than identifying as bi.  It’s not about he, she, they, them, but about “personality,” Bella explains. It is essentially being attracted to someone regardless of their sex or gender identity. In contrast with bisexuality, which is often defined as being attracted to more than one sexuality, pan indicates an all-inclusive preference that surpasses any one gender identity.

Unfiltered and unafraid to speak her mind, Bella has risen from a Disney teen to rebellious role model. Bella is the voice of a generation that challenges and defies social standards and sexual confinements. Bella’s latest book combines poetry and her stream of consciousness to tell the story behind her rebellious nature. After losing her father in a motorcycle crash when she was 9, her life decisions are motivated by her constant yearning for acceptance. The book tracks the evolution of her gender and sexual identity, which has become a sort of emotional product of the sexual abuse and dyslexia she endured growing up, and the consequential depression, anger, and frustration she felt coming in and out of the public eye as a Disney channel star. Her ‘fuck-it’ attitude is rooted in her personal challenges and insecurities; though her revealing social media presence makes us feel like we may know her, her memoir shows that you can never judge a book by its cover.


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