Bella Thorne and Prince Fox Talk About Making Music and Their Party Connection

Bella Thorne and Prince Fox Talk About Making Music and Their Party Connection

Bella Thorne and Prince Fox Talk About Making Music and Their Party Connection

Plus, Bella fills us in on Famous In Love and her forthcoming new music.

Plus, Bella fills us in on Famous In Love and her forthcoming new music.

Text: Ilana Kaplan

While most fans are used to seeing Bella Thorne on Famous In Love or on the big screen, Thorne has found herself back into music for the first time since 2014. Last week, Prince Fox—better known as Sam Lassner—released “Just Call,” which features the actress on vocals. The song, originally written by Lessner and Tony Ferrari, met Thorne at a party and thought her vocals would best suit the song. “We were reminiscing about our exes, which ones we liked and which ones our friends liked,” Sam said. “But also ones we wished would call us again.”

After a Twitter DM and a text, Thorne was onboard to sing the song and expressed her enthusiasm for joining the project with Lassner—who has also written songs for Hailee Steinfeld. But don’t ask him to play favorites. “You become friends with everybody,” he says.

While Lassner remains tight-lipped, it looks like Thorne and him aren’t done working together just yet. We’re working on more music,” he says. “I can’t really say more than that. We’re already involved in something else in addition to “Just Call.” Lassner filled us in on his pop songwriting history and the process of getting the single off the ground, while Thorne told us about her forthcoming music projects, the future of Famous In Love and being 100 percent herself.

Sam, how did “Just Call” happen? How did you get Bella involved?

Sam: Originally I wrote the song with my friend Tony Ferrari and we were reminiscing about our exes -- which ones we liked and which ones our friends liked. I had seen her at a bunch of parties, and I thought her voice would be cool on it. I remember [asking] if I could send her the song, and she told me to text her. She was like, “I love this. Let’s do it.” The rest is history.

Tell me about writing for pop stars. What has that experience been for you?

Sam: It’s an interesting take because you want it to be relatable but you also want it to be able to be said from someone else’s voice.

Sam, do you have plans to work with Hailee Steinfeld again?

Sam: No plans at the moment, but she’s the coolest, sweetest girl. She’s super talented and was a really good vibe to have in the studio. That’s my biggest track to date.

Bella, how did you and Prince Fox end up collaborating? How do you know each other?

Bella: We met at a party, and then we met at another party again. I heard the song and I was like, “Oh this is great.” I was like, “dude these are your lyrics, you should sing this with me.” So, then we decided on a duet.

This is your first new music since 2014. Is this the beginning of more music coming out?

Bella: Right now I’m doing a lot of collaborating with other artists. I’m really just learning about other music: seeing what works, what doesn’t, how you write melodies and everything. I’m definitely putting out more music. Right before you called I just played a mix of a new demo I wrote with producer, Dan Farber who I’ve been doing a lot of my music with.

What kind of music are you into the most?

Bella: Recently, I’ve been into blackbear. I listen to a lot of EDM, hard EDM, hip-hop, rock music and 80s music. Also, I [listen to] Louis The Child [everyday]. Freddy [Kennett] and I—one of the guys from Louis The Child—are going to do a song together.

Sam: I like to listen to whatever I can get my hands on. I grew up listening to John Mayer and a lot of classic rock. Now I like Skrillex, Daft Punk and Louis The Child, who are good friends of mine. I’m always combing through Soundcloud and Spotify.

Sam, who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Sam: Definitely John Mayer, Sam Smith and Halsey as well. Those are my top three.

If you were to put out an album, what would it look like?

Bella: blackbear was telling me the other day that I should put out an album called ‘Hella Bored.’ I was like, ‘That sounds like me.’ Like, ‘I’m hella bored so I made an album.’ I work every [single] day, and I never have a minute to myself. That’s what’s funny about it. It wouldn’t have a certain sound. To be honest, I write most of my own music and I don’t sing on a lot of people’s tracks. I do have a song coming out with Borgore, but recently, I’ve been writing [songs] from scratch. It’s literally all different [types of] music. It’s [a mix of] hard rock, ‘80s Chromeo rock vibe, EDM, Louis The Child, hardcore EDM with Borgore, hip-hop and [some] sad songs. I have [indie and pop music] and also, songs from every different genre.

Have you always been writing songs all along even though you haven’t released things in a while?

Bella: No, I only just started making music. I wrote my first song “Break My Heart” two months ago. Now I’ve written eight songs since then. 

You have a movie coming out with Natalie Portman and Jessica Chastain The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. I feel like you’re trying to transition on the acting front. Can you tell me about the roles you’re looking for now?

Bella: It’s honestly [has to do whether] I like the script. It doesn’t matter who’s attached. If I vibe with the script, I’ll do it. I have 10 movies I signed onto this year, which I’ll be doing from the end of this year until the beginning of next year. If Famous In Love shoots (wink wink), then maybe I’ll tour in November and finish off the year with two more films. I [tend to] vibe with action and thriller [films]. That’s what I like and watch more. I’m really excited for this movie with the director of The Hills Have Eyes

Why have you decided to be so candid with fans and always unabashedly yourself?

Bella: I don’t want to hide. When people know me, they really like me. When I hang out with fans of mine that I meet and chill with for a minute, they’ll be like ‘I get you now. I see it. You are yourself.’ I’m a little out there, and a lot of people don’t get it. The more people meet me and see who I am, 'They’re like oh, well, I get you now.' I’m not hiding. I [have] spent so much of my life lying when I was younger that I don’t fuck with that shit. That’s not my deal. If you ask me a question, I’m going to answer it the same way I’d answer if my sister asked me a question. I used to talk with a different voice on the [Disney] channel, so I was a totally different person. I was lying and not myself.

What else are you working on right now, Sam?

Sam: We’re working on the music video for “Just Call,” which is a big part of it. Then I have a new single coming out with QUIN XCII, and I wrote that with Charlie Puth’s brother, Steven. That’ll be the follow-up. I have another song on the schedule with this girl RÉN with the MANE.

Do you have plans to collaborate again?

Sam: We’re working on more music. I can’t really say more than that. We’re already involved in something else in addition to “Just Call.”

Check out the latest single below.

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