Bella Thorne’s Love Affair With The Dominican Republic

Thorne’s Instagram posts attest to this luxurious, family-fun vacation spot.

Bella Thorne, her Italian-singer boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo, and sister Dani Thorne traveled to one of the world’s most scenic locations. After working on back to back movies, a book launch, and countless shoots, it was time to escape the hustle and bustle and what better place than the 20 million-dollar Villa Las Hamacas at Cap Cana.

This paradise hot spot is an experience like no other. The luminous beaches and clear blue waters surround the villa, easily making it an invigorating resting spot. It’s obvious why celebrities, like it girl Bella Thorne, venture to this magical place. The unique, 6-bedroom home is styled to perfection. The two-story villa’s openness allows for the perfect amount of sunlight and tropical breeze from the Atlantic to captivate guests. The infinity pool lined with bright landscaping is enticing and kept Bella and her crew baking in the sun.

The movie star had everything she needed including a personal chef and butler, but the excursions that the Cap Cana staff provided were too good to pass up. The group ventured through the Dominican jungle on ATVs and even took a yacht to the famous Saona Island. Just off Palmilla Beach, they swam with dolphins, snorkeled through underwater caves, and even gazed at untouched coral reefs. After touring the wild, Thorne and company were treated with a bonus experience. The fifth edition music festival, The Paradise, overlapped with Thorne’s vacation time and included headliners Martin Garrix, Marshmello, and Bad Bunny.


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