Belvedere Vodka Launches “Made With Nature”

The new platform for the vodka brand aims to reinforce their nature-based philosophy.

One of the world’s leading brands of luxury vodka, Belvedere, has launched a new platform called “Made With Nature.” This platform seeks to establish the vodka’s natural roots, having been made completely of Polska rye. 

Belvedere uses 100% Polska rye

“We’re seeing consumers make lifestyle changes and opt for quality natural products, which is where Belvedere shines because we’ve always had a natural philosophy,” says Allison Varone, the Vice President of Belvedere in the US. All Belvedere Vodka products are made with Polska rye and purified water, and finally distilled by fire, free of additives.

The vodka is distilled by fire

The platform launch is heralded by the release of their new malted spirit, Heritage 176. The name comes from the rye being heated to 176 degrees to bring out the flavor of the grain, and thereby adding that malted rye spirit to their vodka. “Everyone thinks that vodka is tasteless and odorless; you won’t think that way after you try Heritage 176,” Varone adds.

Belvedere’s Newest Innovation Heritage 176.

The brand shot a campaign for the platform and its new launch in Poland, with the visuals highlighting the origins of the vodka from the rye, water and fire. “The goal,” Varone says, “is to communicate that Belvedere turns simple elements into an extraordinary vodka of taste and character.”

Made With Nature

With the launch, Belvedere also announces that their new CSR philosophy will pay homage to its natural roots as well. The brand has released today a set of goals comprised of key initiatives under three umbrellas: green energy, organic product, and sustainable packaging. Under Green Energy, our distillery in Poland is on track to generate 100% renewable energy by 2025. Under Organic Product, the brand is tracking to deliver all new product innovations with organic certification beginning in 2021. Under Sustainable Packaging, Belvedere is actively auditing supply chain vendors to abide by a 100% green code of conduct, with the goal of reducing plastic by 50% by 2025.“It makes sense for us to also take care of the land that provides us with the raw materials to create Belvedere,” says Varone. They aim to achieve this by implementing renewable energy in their Polish distillery, reducing plastic consumption in their packaging and ensuring that all their product outputs will be organic. 

You can check out Belvedere Vodka’s full campaign for “Made With Nature” on their website.

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