Berluti Focuses on Fine Detail with the Point Norvégien

Berluti’s latest collection is all about style and quality.

Producing the highest quality of leather goods, French luxury brand Berluti presents its latest collection with an emphasis on point norvégien detail. With a selection of shoes, leather goods and ready-to-wear pieces, Berluti’s classic look comes into play with elegance and sophistication.

Point norvégien is a white stitch braided embroidery, used traditionally in shoemaking to protect the shoe from outside factors such as water, and can only be achieved by hand. Utilized in Berluti’s latest collection, point norvégien implicates and sets the standard for Berluti’s high quality goods.

Berluti’s featured shoe in this collection comes with a square toe and raised sole, which draws inspiration from their 2001 Ultima shoe. Made with Venezia leather and a TDM Intenso patina, they modernized the key aspects of the fine leather shoe while still keeping a timeless Berluti touch with the point norvégien.

Other pieces in the collection include three luxurious leather jackets in a purple and blue ombre shade, an all black motocross style piece complete with a knitted collar and a checked trench with leather bands and stitching.

Handbags and wallets in a deep mahogany leather embossed with a delicate script also are featured in the collection, highlighting how intricate and detailed Berluti’s aims to make its products.

Artisanally crafted, Bertuli’s leather goods seem to just get better and better with time. The point norvégien leather pieces and ready-to-wear items will be available in Berluti stores and online beginning this October.

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