Bernadette Schaeffler Collection Is The New Force In Luxury Home Decor

From jewelry to home goods––Bernadette Schaeffler Collection has got you covered

No matter the time of the year, holiday season or not, whether you are searching for a gift for somebody dear to you or just fancy something special for your home and feel a sudden urge to add an item to your home decor to make it unique, you start the online quest. Or, wait, you may just be in the mood to splurge because you can afford it. Bernadette Schaeffler Collection online store delivers a new luxury home decor shopping experience. As you go through product categories, you don’t get bored as the store offers new, unusual editions of everyday things. That is what makes the Schaeffler collection so attractive—the rare ability to add charm, exclusivity, and unique identity to things we see in other, more common iterations around us.

Imagine you want a table lamp. Among other less extravagant lighting fixtures, you will find a one-of-a-kind table lamp with a calfskin Nappa leather-covered wood base with a fixed brass stem and a linen lampshade. Its function is not just to shed light but also to make your life brighter. With Nodo Doorstop, Bernadette offers a small unobtrusive yet functional item, something you want to hold in your hand and even play with it. Made of Nappa leather, the Nodo will not only stop your door from closing but will stop your guests in their tracks, wondering what for is that cute contraption and wanting to hold it.

If you are a wine lover, you will want to take a second look at the bottle cradled in the caring palm of the Supertuscan wine bottle holder after the first savoring sip. The reclined leather-clad holder doubles as a decanter as it, due to the angle, more than doubles the breathing surface of the wine inside the bottle.

  One thing to bear in mind when ordering some of the items, be prepared for a few weeks of waiting as most pieces are handcrafted in Europe by artisans. Uniqueness comes at a price, and the price is the money you pay and the time you are prepared to wait. Artisanal workshops do not have conveyor belts; they make things with their hands like they did hundred years ago.

From desk and cigar accessories to charging stations, decanters, handmade crystal glasses and pitchers, modern sculpture and semi-fine jewelry, premium leather-clad coffee machines, luxurious brass carafes, the Bernadette Schaeffler “expands the range of perception, perfectly fusing Old World classics with modern simplicity,” as one brand’s patron rightfully pointed out. To find out more about Bernadette Schaeffler Collection, visit her website and follow the brand on Instagram.

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