Best Apps for Improving Wellness and Practicing Meditation

We too are happy that Mercury is finally out of retrograde.

Mercury in retrograde has done more than enough to my mental energy, which is why I appreciate anything that helps improve clarity. It doesn’t always lead to misfortune for everyone, but I happen to be one of the unlucky ones. (Shoutout to all you other water signs.) I’ve had difficulty managing stress, one too many brain fogs and improving self-love. But as we come to the end of its retrograde, it is more necessary than ever to heighten the importance of our mental health. Mental health is valuable because it affects the way we think, feel and act, no matter your stage in life. Practicing ways to improve everyday stress and anxiety are beneficial to keeping your mind happy and healthy, and help harness more positive energy your way. 

There is nothing better than self-love and good vibes. Here are the five best meditation and mindfulness apps to take care of you. 


Courtesy of Calm

Ranked ninth on the “Health & Fitness’’ charts on the App Store, Calm is widely known for prioritizing mental health. The app features ways to improve sleep, reduce stress/anxiety and improve focus/self-motivation. In regards to meditation, its practices include insight practice and Loving Kindness, which Calm says help “develop non-judgemental awareness and a sense of acceptance, or equanimity.’’ These guided teachings are universal, non-religious and encourage mindfulness. Sessions for sleep are also available. 

I am – Daily Affirmations

Courtesy of Google Play

Sometimes shouting an affirmation or two in the mirror can help encourage positive thoughts and build self-esteem. We all need words of encouragement from time to time, which is what I Am aims to do. The app sends users daily reminders that can be personalized and favorited to fit what you and your mind need. These affirmations are meant to be empowering, encouraging and help increase awareness of our inner thoughts. 


Courtesy of Google Play

Headspace is another popular app for meditation. Its guided meditations are meant to be simple to use and help release stress. It is the perfect app for beginners, as it teaches you the basics of meditation through 3-10 minute daily sessions. The sessions can help with a variety of topics, such as coping with anxiety, handling fear, managing school/work and even breathing exercises for fitness. All of Headspace’s techniques stem from Burmese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions to help cultivate and encourage awareness, compassion, and a happy life. 


Courtesy of Endel

Backed by neuroscience, Endel is an app intended for reconnecting you with your circadian rhythm. It uses AI-powered sounds that are personalized to fit your everyday life by using things like location, environment and your heart rate. Endel uses a pentatonic scale to provide sounds that are “both pleasant and physiologically natural’’, and keep your mind at its natural rhythm in real-time. Their studies show that the app helps increase focus and decrease stress with regular use.

Mesmerize – Visual Meditation

Courtesy of Mesmerize

There are multiple ways to practice meditation, and Mesmerize proves just that. Combining engaging visuals and soothing sounds, the app is designed to provide a unique, “all encompassing meditation experience.’’ Their visuals are colorful, mesmerizing and hypnotic, but its speed can be controlled through just a simple pinch gesture. Mesmerize also offers visual breathing that accommodates to your breathing pattern, as well as guided meditations, such as nap meditations, to re-energize and improve sleep.

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