Best Lady Gaga and V Moments to Date

The queen, Lady Gaga, is celebrating her birthday this Sunday, so let’s go down memory lane with her many moments with V Magazine

The 12 time Grammy winner, Oscar winner, and two time Golden Globe winner, along with many more achievements aside from winning the world heart over the past 13 years, Lady Gaga is celebrating her birthday today, most likely in Italy where she is filming House of Gucci. This pop queen has been on the cover of V Magazine four times and each time she stole the show and displayed her evolution as a pop chameleon. Here are the best Lady Gaga moments with V Magazine.


Gaga’s First V Magazine Cover

Lady Gaga’s career shot forward in 2008, and by 2009, she was taking the world by storm and, of course, graced the cover of V Magazine. With an extremely dark tan, reminiscent of the late 2000s, Gaga wore her signature platinum blonde hair with a severe bang, large blue sunglasses, and a neon pink hood all while her face fits perfectly in a massive “V,” either for suggestive reasons or because she was conquering the music industry. Styled by Nicola Formichetti and photographed by Sebastian Faena, Gaga wore a blue dress and heels on the beach, bondage looks, her solar system headpiece, and some more of that iconic tan, displaying the fashion choices that separated her from just about anyone else.



The New York Issue

Gaga came back just a year after a first cover for 2010’s “The New York Issue.” Photographed by Mario Testino and styled by Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga wears a bra and panties with a large grey fabric hanging from her arm as she holds a paper torch set on fire and her hair in a crown all reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty as Marc Jacobs sits on a tube TV right next to her. A shopping cart is on the opposite side of Jacobs and is featured in another photo with Gaga sitting in it, possibly her showing what New York means to her. The “V” on this cover is made up of chewed gum. This entire cover is just glam-punk at its finest.



Lady Gaga’s three-headed V Magazine Cover

Just two years after her V debut, Gaga was somewhat of an empress of the music world as her album Born This Way was released with great critical and commercial success and her creativity was reaching new heights or universes. Gaga made the cover of the Asian issue and wore black ponytails that she whipped around. Styled again by friend Nicola Formichetti, she wears black bondage-like bodysuit with the head in the middle is a clean look fully displaying her face, the head on the left is covered in gold pieces and a nose ring with darker makeup, and the head on the right is a colorful explosion of rainbow-like proportions and bright pink lip. At the time, Gaga was also a voice in the fashion industry, featuring in an introduction video for Mugler and then walking for Mugler, Gaga had so much to show.



Artpop Era Gaga

Lady Gaga’s album Artpop was released in 2013 and showed the world a different side to Gaga. She was simultaneously more raw and more done-up than ever, embodying so many pop culture references and twisting them in her own way. On the cover of V Magazine, Gaga wears an iridescent jacket with a collar barely covering her bottom red lip with her hair quaffed to cover her right eye. This era displays a change in her image and her spread in V Magazine presented that change and openness beautifully.



Lady Gaga Honors Stephen Gan at Le Poisson Rouge

During Gaga’s exciting Artpop era, she performed in a multitude of amazing looks from mermaid Venus looks to golden wings with a blue sphere in her chest. In 2013, she honored Stephen Gan at New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge with stars such as Yoko Ono, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan present in an intimate performance.


She’s back and more badass than ever

Lady Gaga took the world by storm again but through a different route, acting. Her role as The Countess in American Horror Story: Hotel not only won her a Gold Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries, she was showing that her acting skills are just as exceptional as her musical skills. On the cover of V Magazine in 2016, Gaga had bleached eyebrows and an overall fashion goth look with a sheer black glove on caressing her dark purple lips. She was also shot alongside legendary photographer Inez van Lamsweerde in a softer look as the two embrace in a hug. Another set of shots include Gaga with socialite and fashion designer Daphne Guinness. One-shot has Gaga behind Guinness, covering her breast with a glammed-out glove as the two wear sheer face coverings. Another shot has Gaga back in the iconic Alexander McQueen armadillo shoes made famous in her “Bad Romance” music video back in 2009. Lady Gaga was successfully showing the world an evolution with less things covering her face and more her just being her badass self.



Post-A Star is Born Domination

After Lady Gaga released her Americana-influenced album Joanne, she started in the hit movie A Star is Born alongside director and co-star Bradley Cooper and dominated the world, again. After winning an Oscar for the mega-hit single “Shallow” featuring Cooper and the success of the film, Gaga made the cover of V Magazine once again. She always pushes the boundaries of what anyone will expect of her and this cover is no exception. Titled “She’s an Enigma!” Gaga wore a classic slim black dress, a large campy pink and black feathered coat, her face painted white with a feather headpiece as she holds two neon light sticks and bites one of them, all in a pile of hay. Another shoot shows just her eyes in the pile of hay as she holds the neon sticks in the shape of a “V.” Other shoots show Gaga in several oversized coats with a ribbon around her and a plastic headpiece and another with Gaga holding one of the light sticks like a sword as two people, one on top of the others shoulders, work on her massive Marie Antoinette-like hair.

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