BEVZA Features Classy Neutrals in Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

The label pulled out all the stops this year for their “love letters” collection.

The new BEVZA Fall/Winter 2022 “love letters” collection debuted within the spacious and bright gallery at Spring Studios on Feb. 14. Designed by Svetlana Bevza, the newest line is dedicated to unparalleled, unconditional love, especially for our Earth, as the garments were made using recycled plastic, bamboo, viscose fabric waste, yarns, and other upcycled materials.

“The FW 22/23 collection is enveloped in a spirit of futuristic nostalgia,” Bevza said. “We feel nostalgic for lyric intimacy and parthenia nature, seeking for its revival. We want to be a part of a better future.”

The collection was modern, sleek, and clean, full of neutral tones — mostly white, black, and some pops of blue — on a variety of garments, from tank tops, to turtlenecks, to shirts, to pants, to coats. The minimalistic nature of BEVZA’S designs was maintained through this collection, with each piece staying relevant and timeless but still feeling new.

The show began with light — the very first model walked out in a white textured overcoat with a white turtleneck underneath, followed by a model in white earmuffs, a textured tank top, and a pair of white trousers with appendages coming off of the top, almost folding down from the waist. To close the trilogy, the last model of the three walked out in a matching textured dress and cape with ear muffs. The rib-knit pieces were actually made from recycled plastic bottles. Next came darker shades — several black coats and blazers, mixed and matched with solid white pants as well as white boots, and an abstract business-formal fit of a sleeveless turtleneck over a mini skirt with longer extensions underneath.

As the show went on, the pieces began to get more formal, such as the long black jumpsuit with a red wax seal with the BEVZA logo, created from recycled plastic bottle lids in Ukraine, connecting back to the theme of love letters, and the desire of privacy. Following was a navy turtleneck and black trousers with the same red seal, the perfect way to complete the outfit. More and more styles were revealed, showing the diversity of this collection, through the white cutout tank top with baggy leather trousers, the black cutout ankle-length maxi dress, and the textured form-fitting black dress, matching the styles of the beginning.

Finally getting into the exotic final pieces, Bevza designed a few matching gray pieces, a sleeveless and backless turtleneck shirt, and a long skirt of the same texture, to form two separate looks. To finish the show, a few models walked out in white and black dresses with curling lining at the bottom, which is by far one of the most unique looks from NYFW.

Though BEVZA might be somewhat understated in comparison with some of the flashier designers, the clothing remains unparalleled.

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