Beyoncé Teases Her Adidas, Ivy Park Collaboration Line

Queen Bey is hyping up her much-anticipated athleisure line.

Earlier this month, Adidas announced a new creative partnership with music legend, Beyoncé, and the expansion of her athleisure line, Ivy Park. Excited for their joint venture, Beyoncé stated her partnership with the athletic-wear giant is one “that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business.” This isn’t the first music-related line from Adidas in recent memory, with Donald Glover’s collab sneakers making a big splash at Coachella via Airdrop.

Beyoncé bolstered the anticipation for her line yesterday, dropping a fashion film with the help of Grambling State. The film, titled “Homecoming Weekend”, honors her Coachella performance last year. The video features previews from the collection, GSU’s incredible dance team and marching band and a long runway marked with Adidas’s iconic stripes. Much like Homecoming, the film leaves us celebrating HBCUs with the words, “We honor HBCU pride and legacy.”

Today, she added even more Adidas love to her social media with scenic shots surrounded by the brand’s classic gear. Even surrounded by a sea of special sneaks, all eyes are on Bey. Beyoncé is making moves and getting her fans ready for the launch of her line.

She even posted a rare, casual selfie video while she got glammed up for her shoot. It’s no surprise that it got over 2 million views in less than an hour. Beyoncé is flexing her marketing genius for her new clothing line and V are excited.

You can watch Beyonce’s fashion film, “Homecoming Weekend”, below.


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