Beyoncé and Meghan Markle Meet at Lion King Premiere

That time the Duchess met a Queen: Beyoncé and Meghan walked the red carpet in London and exchanged a few words before the premiere began.

Beyoncé never disappoints at a red carpet. Dressed in a beautiful yellow gown, she again met expectations at The Lion King premiere in London last night. With her husband, Jay Z, by her side, Beyoncé left many wondering whether the star of the night was the movie or her. To make that question harder, Beyoncé was personally greeted by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry upon their arrival at the premiere. Talk about a star-studded event.

Before entering the theater to watch The Lion King, the prince and princess greeted fans in the crowd and stopped to chat with Beyoncé. Nothing more than average small talk: their discussion centered around their kids, being busy and some advice. But when two people of such fame talk, it’s really not that small. In fact, a big deal deal was made of just the order in which they walked the red carpet. Apparently, Beyoncé broke royal protocol, walking behind Meghan and Harry. But when the event is yours and you’re Queen Bey, you might be allowed to break a few rules. Aside from these four, stars like Elton John and Pharrell Williams attended the premiere. Leaving the film, Williams let reporters know, “It’s phenomenal, seriously. It is just amazing.”

You can see Beyoncé in The Lion King starting Thursday, July 18th.

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